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Saudi Arabia Travel Places to Visit

by Vishal Kumar

Travel to Saudi Arabia is undertaken by pilgrims, leisure travelers as well as by businessmen. Being one of the richest countries in the Middle East, the cities are done up…

Saudi Arabia Travel Places to Visit

Travel to Saudi Arabia is undertaken by pilgrims, leisure travelers as well as by businessmen. Being one of the richest countries in the Middle East, the cities are done up spectacularly.

There are many sightseeing destinations and shopping malls to be explored in the Saudi cities. There is a unique charm about these cities, as modernity and tradition harmoniously co-exist with each other. The tourists traveling to Saudi Arabia, especially women tourists, have to abide by certain basic norms. Islam is an undeniable part of national life. So women are expected to travel along with their husbands and men with whom they have blood relation.

Travelers to Saudi Arabia are expected to carry with them a passport, which should be valid for the following six months, a valid visa and certain other documents. Getting around Saudi Arabia can be real fun and it is extremely comfortable, thanks to the numerous transportation facilities available. The best way to reach Saudi Arabia is by airways. There are a number of international and domestic airports in Saudi Arabia. The cities of Saudi Arabia are well connected by flight services to most major international destinations.

In Saudi Arabia, there are three International airports, the King Fahd International Airport, the King (Dammam), the King Khalid International Airport (Riyadh) and the King Abul Aziz International Airport (Jeddah).

A travel to Saudi Arabia is best organized by one of the many tour agents. Accessing the services offered by these tour agents is recommended as they make for all the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements for the travelers, while they can lay back and enjoy the Saudi trip.

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Airports in Saudi Arabia Sea Ports in Saudi Arabia
Abha King Abdulaziz International
Al Ahsa Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz
Al Baha Qaisumah
Bisha Rafha
King Fahd International King Khaled International
King Abdulaziz Ab Arar
Jazan Sharurah
Gassim Al Jouf
Guriat Sulayel
Jazan Port
Dhuba Bulk plant terminal
Rabigh Port
Ras al Mishab


Saudi Arabia Attractions Location
Jabal Qaraqir Plateau Tabuk
Jubba Paleolithic Kingdom Hail at the Salma Mountains
Bir Hima Bir Hima area at Wadi Tathlith and Jebel Sawdh( Najran )
The National Museum of Saudi Arabia King Abdul Aziz Historical Area
The Antar bin Shaddad Legend Trail Uyun Al Jawa District(Qibah, Riyadh)
Diriyah District Riyadh on the bank of Wadi Hanifa.
The Buildings of Najran Al-Gabel district
Masmak Fort Riyadh
Salam Park Riyadh
Asir National Park Abha
Al-Khunfah Reserve Great Nafud Desert
Urban Parks and Gardens of Riyadh Riyadh


National Parks in Saudi Arabia

Raydah Majami’al-Hadb
Ibex Reserve (Hawtat Bani Tamin) Northern Wildlife Management Zone
‘Uruq Bani Ma’arid At-Taysiyah
Nafud al-‘Urayq Saja/Umm ar-Rimth
Al-Khunfah Al-Jandaliyah


Largest Cities in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh Tabuk
Jeddah Ha’il
Mecca Hafar Al-Batin
Medina Jubail
Al-Ahsa Al-Kharj
Ta’if Qatif
Dammam Abha
Khamis Mushait Najran
Buraidah Yanbu
Khobar Al Qunfudhah


Camp Sites in Saudi Arabia Location
Wadi Sadiyah Makkah
Al-Ahsa Oasis Hofuf


Beaches in Saudi Arabia

Half Moon Bay
Coral Island
Azizia beach

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