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Saudi Arabia Facts

by Vishal Kumar

Where is Saudi Arabia? The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country situated in the Middle East, between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. What countries border Saudi Arabia?…

Where is Saudi Arabia?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a country situated in the Middle East, between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea.

What countries border Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia borders Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait to the north; the United Arab Emirates and Qatar to the east; Yemen to the south; and Oman to the southeast. The Red Sea lies to the west of the country, and the Persian Gulf to the northeast.

What is the capital of Saudi Arabia?

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia; it is located in the central eastern part of the country. The capital is the largest city of the Arab country covering an area of 386.1 square miles. The population of Riyadh is approximately 5,254,560.

What are the administrative divisions of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is divided into thirteen provinces that are further divided into governorates. The governorates are subdivided into sub-governorates.

How big is Saudi Arabia?

With a total land area of 830,000 square miles, Saudi Arabia is the thirteenth-largest country in the world and the largest country in the Middle East.

What is the population of Saudi Arabia?

As per the 2010 estimate, the population of Saudi Arabia is 27,136,977. About ninety percent of the population comprises Arabs. The rest of the population includes Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Egyptians, Yemeni, Indonesians, Sri Lankans, Syrians, and Turkish.

Who are the political leaders of Saudi Arabia?

The government of Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. The king is the head of the state and also the head of the government.

King: Salman
Crown Prince: Sultan bin Abdul Aziz

What is the official currency of Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Riyal, denoted by the ISO 4217 code SAR, is the official currency of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is abbreviated as SR. It is subdivided into 100 halalas.

What is the official religion of Saudi Arabia?

Ninety-seven percent of the total population of Saudi Arabia embrace Islam as their official religion. The majority of the Muslims are Sunnis. Around 1 million people follow the Shia sect and face religious discrimination.

What is the official language of Saudi Arabia?

Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia. There are three main regional variants spoken by Saudis; these are: Hejazi Arabic (about 6 million speakers), Nejdi Arabic (about 8 million speakers) and Gulf Arabic (about 200,000 speakers). Urdu is also spoken by approximately 380,000 people. English is spoken in a few cities of Saudi Arabia.

What is the economy of Saudi Arabia like?

Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world. Ninety percent of the country’s exports and seventy-five percent of the government revenues are generated from the oil industry. The country has a high per capita income of $20,700.

Machinery and equipment, foodstuffs, chemicals, motor vehicles, and textiles are the main items of import and account for US $28 billion. Agriculture is an important sector; barley, wheat, tomatoes, dates, melons, citrus, chickens, mutton, eggs and milk are the chief agricultural products. Petroleum refining, ammonia, industrial gases, cement, fertilizer, plastics, and construction are the chief industries. The country abounds in natural resources like gold, iron ore, petroleum and natural gas. By 2020, Saudi Arabia will launch six “economic cities.”

When is the national day of Saudi Arabia celebrated?

The national day of Saudi Arabia is celebrated on September 23 every year. The day commemorates the unification of the country by the late King Abdul Aziz Bin Abdul Rahman al-Faisal al-Saud in the year 1932. On this day, the country’s constitution, Islamic Sharia, formally came into being.

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