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Full name: Republic of Liberia
Capital City: Monrovia
Language: English and some languages of the ethnic group
Currency: Liberian Dollar
Religion: Christian, Muslim and Indigenous beliefs
National Anthem: "All hail, Liberia, hail! All hail!"
Newspaper: IRINnews Liberia, ReliefWeb Liberia, The Analyst, The Inquirer, The Liberian Connection, allAfrica Liberia
Places to Visit: Buchanan, Monrovia, Firestone Plantation, Sapo National Park, Silver Beach and much more.
Transport: Airways: Weasua Air Transport, Slok Air International, Bellview Airlines, SN Brussels Airline; Waterways: Cargo boats, fishing boats
Shopping: Photo albums made of local materials,Wood Handicrafts
Liberia is a Western country in African continent. The word "Liberia' means "Land of the Free".
Liberia Map
This land was founded as an autonomous state inhabited by the free-born and previously imprisoned African Americans. In recent times the country has witnessed the Liberian Civil War and the Second Liberian Civil War. For this Liberia's economy has suffered a lot.

Physical Map Of Liberia : The country Liberia directly faces the Atlantic Ocean. Lagoons are the main features of the coastline. Mangrove swamps, and river-deposited sandbars are also found in this area. In Liberia's internal grassy plateau only a limited range of agriculture is possible.

Among the several mountains in Liberia, the one that has the highest altitude is the Mount Wuteve. It rises about 1,380 m. above the sea. On the other hand the lowest point of Liberia is Atlantic Ocean that has goes down to 0 m.

Liberia Location Map
Location Of Liberia :
In the western division of African continent Liberia is situated. The bordering countries are Cote d'Ivoire, Guinea and Sierra Leone. The North Atlantic Ocean skirts beside Liberia.

Climate Of Liberia :
In Liberia the temperature remain almost same in all the seasons. Even the difference between day and night is also negligible. The temperature does not usually exceed 37 degrees Celsius. May to October it is wet enough and November to April it is dry. These tow seasons are prominent in Liberia. Between July and August a dry spell lasts for about two weeks. Usually it rains very little in the dry season including the above mentioned dry spell. Three kinds of rainfall can be perceived in Liberia. These are torrential rains, thunderstorms with heavy lightning and wet with heavy shower.

Flora And Fauna Of Liberia :
Flora : Evergreen forests cover the major part of flora in Liberia. About 235 varieties of trees exist in Liberia. Some of these are also marketed to other countries. Among these varieties mahogany and ironwood must be mentioned. Some common plants are the bombex or the cotton tree , the kola tree and the oil palm . Liberia is known for its rubber trees that are also known as Funtumia elastica. However when it is cultured and becomes known as Hevea brasiliensis, it takes a commercial form in Liberia. Some fruit-trees such as Pineapples , different varieties of citrus fruits, papaya , mango , the alligator apple , and avocado . Cassava , cacao , indigo , cotton , upland rice etc also cover a considerable part of Liberian flora.

Fauna : In the animal world also there is a large variety. In the forests you will find Bosman's potto that is in fact a lemur . Monkeys of numerous species such as the Diana , the long-haired and so on are also found in Liberia. Earlier buffalo and elephant were in great numbers in Liberia, but these have disappeared nowadays. Wild pigs and porcupines along with some categories of leopard are also there in some parts of Liberia. Some species of antelope such as shouldered duiker and the zebra antelope are still found in the forests of Liberia. The tsetse fly and the termites are hugely found in the forests. To talk about the various species of birds, there are wild guinea fowl , hornbill , cattle egret (cowbird) , woodpecker , flamingo and weaver etc.