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Brunei Information

Situated in the Asia Pacific, Brunei is a land of variety. This country occupies around 5,770 sq km area. The land border of Brunei is 381 km long and the coastline of the country is 161 km long.
Brunei enjoys a tropical climate. The climate of Brunei is usually hot and humid. It also enjoys rains. You can find low lands in the west of the country and the coastal planes rise up to the mountain area towards the east.

The population of the country is around 374, 57. Brunei Population includes people from various ethnic groups such as Chinese 15%, Malay 67%, Indigenous 6% and other 12%. It is mainly a Muslim country but people also follow different religions such as Christianity, Buddhism etc. They mainly use Malay, the official language but English and Chinese are in use.

Information of Brunei reveals the official name of this constitutional sultanate that is Negara Brunei Darussalam. It was captured by UK. Brunei gained independence in 1984. The economy of Brunei includes domestic and foreign investments. Village tradition, government regulations and welfare measures together consists of the economy. Natural gas and oil are the main basis of economy.