Brunei Hospitals

Brunei Hospitals constitute the principal aspect of the health care industry of Brunei. Distributed all over the country, the hospitals of Brunei render direct health care services to the public. Brunei contains a large number of hospitals but only a few among them are major ones. The Brunei hospitals not only serve the public but also are a source of employment.

Brunei has 4 government hospitals in each of the districts and 2 private hospitals. The largest hospital is Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Saleha Hospital located 0.8 kilometer from the center of the capital. Some of the other major hospitals in Brunei include Gleneagles JPMC SDN BHD, Jennie Health Care, Sabah Medical Center, Columbia Asia medical center, Jerudong Park Medical Center etc.

From dealing with emergencies to treating chronic diseases, the Brunei hospitals are directly responsible for maintaining public health. The hospitals provide a wide array of facilities related to health care and medical services. The government hospitals of Brunei provide free medical services to all without any discrimination.

Flying Medical Services cater to the remote areas which are inaccessible and have no hospitals or medical centers. Equipped with modern technologies and instruments of medical science, the Brunei hospitals are affordable, reliable and easily accessible.

Last Updated : July 23rd, 2018