Neuquen is located on the western side of Argentina . Neuquen shares its border with Mendoza province which lies to the north, Rio Negro province falls on the south east of Neuquen ,
Chile on the west and La Pampa province on the north east.

Neuquen province has got its name from the name of the river Neuquen. Initially, Neuquen was inhabited by Pehuenches, Mapuches and Tuhuelches aboriginal tribes. The current boundary of Neuquen was settles in the year 1884 after Patagonia was restructured. Neuquen got its provincial status in the year 1955.

the natural boundaries of Neuquen are the Colorado River, Andes mountain and Limay river . The conjunction of rivers and mountain provide a varied topography to this province. The weather experienced in Neuquen is temperate summers and cold and continental type of a climate. The dry areas on the plateau region experiences a wide difference in the average temperature of the day. The humidity level of the province also varies greatly with the area.

The economy of the Neuquen province depends largely on hydrocarbon and petroleum extraction. There are many hydro electric plants in the province of Neuquen. The agricultural activity of the province includes fruit plantations, like apple, peaches, pears etc.

Tourism is also developed in the Neuquen province . Several national parks, ski centers and hot baths attracts tourists from far and wide.

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