Balcarce is situated in the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Balcarce is situated at a distance of 32 miles to the west of Mar del Plata.
Balcarce is the head of the District of Balcarce. Balcarce derived its name from the former Governor of Buenos Aires, Antonio Gonzalez de Balcarce . The location coordinates of Balcarce is from 37 o 52' S to 58 o 15' W. Balcarce stretches over a land area of 4,120 square kilometers.

Economy of Balcarce is basically depended on agriculture . Tourism and mineral extraction also adds to the economy in a considerable way. The main agricultural product of Balcarce is potato. Agriculture is done using modern techniques and methods.

The National Institute of Agricultural Technology and the Faculty of Agrarian Sciences is situated in Balcarce.

Using modern methods in farming and mining has damaged the natural habitats of armadillo, emu, jackrabbit, viscacha and many other such indigenous species.

Balcarce is famous for the fact that formula 1 legend Juan manuel Fangio , belonged to this place. There is a museum in Balcarce which is known as Museo del Automovilismo , that is the Museum of Motoring.

Other settlements in the province of Balcarce are San Agustin, Napaleofu, Los Pinos, Bosch, Villa Laguna La Brava and Ramos Otero .

Balcarce has been attracting people who takes special interest in motoring and automobiles, because of the Museum that is present there.

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