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Top Ten Largest Renewable Fresh Water Supply Countries

The map of Top Ten Countries with Largest Fresh Water available for supply in the world. Top countries include the Brazil, Russia, Canada, USA etc.

Top Ten Largest Fresh Water Supply Countries Map Canada Map USA Map India Map Colombia Map Peru Map Brazil Map Democratic Republic of Congo Map Indonesia Map China Map Russia Map
Description : Map showing the top ten countries with renewable fresh water resources in the world. Disclaimer

Amid the scarcity and disparity of water resources, only a specific part of natural water resources can actually be preserved and utilized. Although, basin management helps in conservation of water resources, the practice isn’t recommended for arid areas, highly fragmented basins and large karstic
zones. The list of top 10 fresh water supply countries has Brazil on the first spot with 5,661 renewable internal freshwater resources per capita (cubic meters). On the second and third positions are Russia and Canada, with 4,313 and 2,850 cubic meters of freshwater resources with them. The term ‘renewable internal water resources flows’ is the internal renewable resources (internal river flows and groundwater from rainfall) in the respective country. The World Bank’s population estimates have been used for calculating water resources per capita.

Brazil has the world’s largest renewable water resources in terms of totaling precipitation, recharged ground water and surface inflows from the surrounding countries. The nation has nearly twice the number of renewable internal freshwater resources as compared to Russia, which is positioned on the second place with 12-to-16% of the world’s total water supply. A huge proportion of water is available in sparsely inhabited areas including the Amazon. A small quantity of water can be traced in all the heavily populated areas in the northeast and southeast.

World Top Ten Renewable Fresh Water Available Countries

Country nameCu. Kms
Russian Federation4,313
United States2,818

* Source: World Bank

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Last Updated on: January 02, 2017

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