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Cuisine of Serbia

Serbia Food recipes are some of the best culinary favorites in Europe as the traditional Serbian food is at the same time nutritious, spicy and tasty. Though influenced by the Greek and Croatian cooking, Serbian food items
have evolved in course of time to achieve their own identity.

The national food of Serbia is Cevapcici. This is cooked with minced meat, which is grilled and seasoned. Many of the Serbian dishes comprise of various sorts of meat such as lamb, pork and veal. During religious festivals in Serbia, food is important in terms of the religious rituals.

Names Of Some Popular Serbia Food Items
  • Pasulj Prebranac
  • Yugoslav Carrot Cake
  • Serbian Carp
  • Musaka
  • Serbian Ajvar
  • Fashir
  • Szerb Bableves
  • Paprikas
  • Seljacki Pasulj
  • Cevapcici
  • Prebanac
  • Serbian Garlic Sauce
  • Serbian spinach
  • Balkan Spagettii
  • Balkan stuffed Green Peppers
  • Serbian filled peppers
  • Serbian rice with meat
  • Traditional Serbian Cheese Pie
  • Sutliash
  • Kifle
  • Polenta
  • Serbian Pelmeni
The Serbian Drinks
  • Slivovitz: This is palm juice which is distilled ass well as fermented.
  • Kajsija: apricots are utilized to make this Serbian brandy that has has gained much popularity.
  • Kruska: This is a local brandy made from the juice of pear
  • Loza: This grape beer drink is prepared especially in the Montenegro region of Serbia
  • Niksitsko pivo: This beer is special in the Niksic region.
  • Vranac: A type of Serbian red wine
Kolijivo is a Serbian food that is used during the religious rituals of the natives. Other food items include recipes of stuffed cabbage called Sarma, Moussaka, Cesnica and Podvarak.

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