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Seychelles Travel and Tourism

Seychelles tourism is a non-government sector. Seychelles Tourism includes various sightseeing places. The various attractions in Seychelles are the Mahe Islands, Victoria, Anse Lazio, Cousin Island and the Ste Anne Marine National Park. There are various tour operators offering travel packages to Seychelles.

Seychelles tourism earns a good amount of foreign exchange. Sightseeing in Seychelles is conducted by the Seychelles Tourism board. The Seychelles tourism industry had its birth in the year 1971 after the international airport construction was completed. A visit to Seychelles is a must as it is often regarded as Visitor's Paradise.

The various sightseeing in Seychelles include:
  • Fregate Island: This Island is named after the frigate birds in 1774. Swimming, fishing and snorkeling are some of the activities offered by the island to its visitors.
  • La Dique island: Among the Seychelles archipelago it is the fourth largest island named after a French explorer.
  • Silhoutte Island:This island is a granite island and is a home to 150 inhabitants along with biodiversity.
  • Mahe Island: Mahe beaches are the famous beaches in Seychelles for their scenic natural beauty. The beach lies in the west of Victoria.
  • Cousin Island: This Island has a natural reserve and is home to various species of wildlife.
  • Praslin Island: This Island is the second largest island among the Seychelles islands and is inhabited by 5000 people.
  • Ste Anne Marine National Park:This national park is home to the diverse species of wildlife worth looking.

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Seychelles can be visited throughout the year. The summer and monsoon months are best for diving while the peak months are December, January, July and August. There are various international tour operators offering packages to Seychelles. Various international flights ply from different countries to Seychelles. Therefore pack your bags in order to unleash the serene beauty of Seychelles.

Seychelles Activities mainly comprise of all kinds of water sports and activities. Fishing and snorkeling are of great priorities in Seychelles. Snorkeling is one of the best sports in Seychelles. It serves as a great attraction to the tourists as well. There are several places offering equipments on hire and courses needed for snorkeling. Activities in Seychelles include lot of excitement and adventure. Deep sea fishing is one of them.

Scuba diving, which is practiced widely in Seychelles, is always known to be immensely adventurous. Along with that there are opportunities of rock climbing as well. Praslin and La Digue are the best for rock climbers. However Seychelles is indeed a great place to visit for people who love water, because Seychelles Adventure mostly revolves around water.

The rich colorful coral reefs are the beauty of nature. Scuba diving, which includes coral reef diving is one of the important Seychelles Activities. Seychelles Tourism takes care of all the adventures and sports. The travelers to this island expect a lot of water sports and that is why the packages offered by the tour agents in Seychelles include the Seychelles activities.

Sailing in the sea is another activity of interest and one of the Seychelles Activities, which is never missed by the tourists. While scuba diving and snorkeling, the close contact with the wildlife and unique aquatic creatures is a life time experience.

Some more Activities in Seychelles
  • Bird Watching in Seychelles: The Bird Island of Seychelles has been particularly preserved for migratory birds that frequent the island between May and September. The birds, mostly different varieties of terns migrate to the islands of Seychelles in the breeding season.
  • Forest Hiking in Seychelles : the tropical forests of Seychelles has as many as 81 endemic species, some of them vary rare and hardly known else where in the world. The sea coconut that grows on the shores of Seychelles are unique because of their exceptionally large.
  • Sailing Holiday in Seychelles: This is the best way of staying in close proximity with nature, the countryside and sea alike while looking around the picturesque islands. Cruise services as well as boat services are provided by many sailing companies on request.
  • Water Sports in Seychelles: Surfing, scuba diving and fishing are some of them. It is best to go water sporting during the North west Trade wind season.
Tour Operators
Among the various packages involved in the Seychelles tour operation packages are the honeymoon packages and the other packages, which include cheap hotel bookings, cheaper itineraries. The packages include excursions to the various holiday spots in Seychelles. Some of the Seychelles tour operators also include packages consisting of beach parties and picnics. Some of the most reliable Seychelles tour operators working all over the world are:
  • Stylish resorts
  • Hayes & Jarvis
  • Seychelles experience
  • Sunset faraway holidays
  • Planit world travel
  • Rainbow tours
  • Kuoni travel
  • Just
  • Sovereign holidays,
  • The moorings
  • Transform-therapies
  • Virgin holidays -
  • Elite vacations
Some of the other services provided by the Seychelles tour and travel operators are:
These travel organizers take care of everything from ticket bookings to Seychelles to holiday hotel bookings. They provide a wide range of choice among the best hotels in the online brochures. The choices ranges from small cottages to five star hotels. The Seychelles tour operators offer some of the best prices available.

Seychelles tour operators provide special packages for honeymoon couples, which include sightseeing packages as well as dinner at luxury hotels. Some of the other packages also include Seychelles activities like diving, snorkelling, bird watching. The packages also include convenient Air Seychelles flights.

The best part of these Seychelles tour operators is that they can be booked over the phone or with just the click of a mouse.This facility also enables to check the availability, and the options available for activities.

Shopping in Seychelles
Shopping in Seychelles include paintings, pottery items, wooden furnitures, baskets, local handicrafts and so on. As Seychelles mainly towers granite peaks therefore variety of rocks and things made of rocks are plenty. Seychelles shopping will unfold the art excellence of the Seychelles people.

Shopping is a part of the Seychelles holiday. There are various tourist shops offering variety of products to the visitors. The Coco de Mer is one of the Seychelles shopping items available in any shop. It is a kind of local craft. But care should be taken that the seller should provide an export card with it. Then there is the Craft Village. This village as the name suggests is an abode of Seychelles art and crafts. The craft village was mainly a plantation area but now houses Seychelles art and craft. It is opened to the visitors to wander freely and purchase goods of their choice. Goods available are like model fish, which is hand painted. Sailing ship and any other items showing the artistic excellence. The house of the former plantation owner is also an abode of fine crafts and other architectural excellence. There are several souvenir shops selling products made of sea shells, corals and tortoise shells. The Seychelles tea is not so renowned like the Assam and Darjeeling tea. But there are some fine tea made of certain spices making a ,mark in the food and beverage industry.

Collect the spices from the Victoria market. The baskets and boutiques also speak of the artistic merit of the Seychelles population. Perfumes are also available. A visit to Camion hall may open a new artistic world in front of the visitors. For unique designs one can visit the Antik colony.

Travel Tips
Seychelles travel tips are required to go through before venturing out. Seychelles is regarded as the visitor's paradise. Seychelles holiday takes the visitors to the pristine beaches and other attractions of Seychelles. Seychelles tourism takes great care in preserving the natural reserve of the archipelago.

Seychelles travel tips include beneficial information about Seychelles. They include the international travel, internal travel and social conventions.
  • International travel: Under international travel comes the airports, water transports, and taxation. The main airport of Seychelles is the Mahe Island (SEZ) (SEYCHELLES INTERNATIONAL). The main airport is 10 kilometers away from Victoria, which will take 20 minutes. There are also cruise services to Mahe island. There are also restaurants and hotels offering quality service to the tourists getting there. The other available facilities are banking and exchange facilities of foreign currencies, tax free shops, and land transports like cab, bus and so on.
  • Internal travel: The internal travel can be categorized in three ways. They are air, water and land transport. Air Seychelles has a wonderful network connecting all the islands of Seychelles. Chartered flight are also available. The airlines also offer shuttle flights plying to other islands of the archipelago. Water transport includes schooners, which are privately owned and ply to Mahe, La Digue and Praslin. Boat services are also available. Land transport includes buses, cars, bicycles. SPTC buses ply regularly from Mahe to Praslin. The cabs follow government rates. Bicycles are also hired to go to Mahe and Praslin. A driving license is a must at least for thee months.
  • Social Conventions: The people of Seychelles believe in simplicity. They lead a simple life with out any complexities. The islands have diverse cultures inhabited by different ethnic races.

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