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Seychelles Geography

Seychelles Geography is all surrounded by the Indian Ocean. The archipelago of Seychelles of over 100 islands are pretty much scattered. The combination of beautiful sandy beaches and crystal clear water is the bliss of Geography of Seychelles.

Geography about Seychelles includes two main physical types. The central islands accommodating the main island Mahe and the surrounding smaller islands, which are basically coastal strips. These islands are full of corals. Mahe, the capital city of Seychelles is about 200 square kilometer. The coral islands have vast difference from the gigantic ones. The huge islands are actually peaks of the submarine Mascarene Plateau, which is a part of Africa. On the other hand the smaller islands hardly rise above the water level.

Seychelles Geography gives the best of rainfall to the central island, which is turn helps in lush green vegetation. The presence of turtles in the coral reefs is a sight to watch. This attracts tourists from all over the world.

Flora and fauna are of great importance in the Seychelles Geography. Flora are the plants of the islands, which give the green touch to Seychelles while fauna is basically the reptiles, fishes and birds. They complete the nature of Seychelles. The blue water and the white sand are the magic and beauty of the nature, to which the wildlife adds spice.