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Seychelles Culture

Seychelles is located in the African continent. The country's official name is Republic of Seychelles. Seychelles culture can be called as a fusion culture because majority of the people in Seychelles belong from different religion and they follow different culture. The culture of Seychelles comprises of many types of religion and their different lifestyle. The culture of Seychelles as a whole is very colorful and the population of the country represents unity in diversity. The art culture, the food culture, the festivals and everything that come under the culture of the country has its own taste and fun. Though the population of the country belongs from different countries but all of them respect each other's culture and follow them.

Seychelles population is not very large. According to the 2006 census, the country's population was 86,000. The country is located on a very small landscape in the coastal region of the Indian Ocean in the African continent. It is the second smallest country of Africa. Seychelles people are from different ethnic groups like, Asian, European and African. The blends of these groups are known as Creole. The people of Seychelles follow different languages because of their different religious backgrounds. The country has three official languages. The different Seychelles languages are English, Creole and French.

There are people from different religion who settled in Seychelles from years. Seychelles religion refers to all those religion that are followed by the majority of the population in the country. The different Seychelles religions are, Christians, Roman Catholics, Hindus and Islams.