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Seychelles Climate

Seychelles Climate is basically tropical in nature, as Seychelles is located below the equator. Thus it remains hot and humid almost through out the year with the average temperature round the year remaining 29° Celsius. Due to the tropical climate, there are tropical rains during January and February. Climate of Seychelles does not include storms as such, as the islands are outside the hurricane belt.

Climate in Seychelles is never extreme, due to the closeness with the Indian Ocean. This soothing climate also offers rains at one part of the island, while the other part remains dry and sunny. However the weather remains cool and dry during the period from May to September. Between October and March the North West trade winds do visit Seychelles. This makes the sea calm while the weather remains hot and humid. Seychelles Climate remains dry and cool during the months between May and September, when the sea is lively especially in the south western coasts.

Seychelles Climate brings the strongest wind current during May to August. Thus the sea becomes a little rough during July and August. The transition of weather occurs in the months of April and October. During this time the weather remains pleasant and tourists cherish it the best. At this time of the year Seychelles is packed with tourists from various places.