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The city of Taif lies within the well-known Mecca province of Saudi Arabia and is popularly referred to as the 'city of colors'. Situated atop the Al-Sarawat Mountains at a height of
almost 1700 meters, the city has a total population of 521,273, as revealed by the census records of 2004. Taif is the center of Saudi Arabia's agriculture and grape and honey grow plentifully in this region. During the summers, the city becomes the retreat of most wealthy Arabians as well as foreigners. Taif also has a strong religious significance and during the 6th century, it housed the idol of Al-lat, the Lady of Taif. The climate of Taif greatly suits the cultivation of wheat, vines and fruits, and its agricultural prosperity had earned Taif the name of "the garden of Hijaz".

The Taif also acts as a popular pilgrimage retreat when Muslims from around the world come on a pilgrimage to Mecca. Taif is also associated with the popular legend of the stoning of Muhammad, when it renounced Islam. Today, the only religion practiced in the country is Islam. After the Battle of Hunayn, the Thaquif tribes demolished the idol of the Lady of Taif and completely converted to Islam. The modernization of Taif took place, once the Saudis started to establish the first power generator in the city.

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