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San Marino Weather

San Marino Weather is a very comfortable one that makes it ideal for the tourists to enjoy touring San Marino at any point of time in a year. The San Marino Weather is characterized by its Mediterranean climate.
Neither the summer nor the winter in San Marino reaches the extremity. In the summer season in San Marino, the temperature ranges from 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. The humidity level is moderate in San Marino.

The winter in San Marino is quite enjoyable for the tourists. The temperature reaches nearly -6 degrees Celsius during the winters in San Marino. The tourists can enjoy the snowfall in the winters. In few locations in San Marino, the resorts organize skiing during the winter months. The snowflakes are generally seen to hang from the trees of San Marino. They add beauty to the landscape of San Marino.

The climate of San Marino is equally pleasant in the rainy season. The moderate rainfall makes the weather comfortable without causing much damage to the tour of San Marino for the travelers. The average rainfall recorded every year in San Marino is 800 millimeters. The pleasant weather of San Marino attracts a large number of tourists from different countries every year.