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San Marino Tourist Attractions

The tiny state of San Marino is bordered by the country of Italy from all the sides. San Marino Tourist Attractions will definitely make the tourists get interested to visit this beautiful country with its exquisite landscape.
San Marino Tourist Attractions involve the brief description and the relevant information about the popular tourist spots in the country.

There are many noteworthy places of attractions in San Marino. Some of the popular tourist attractions of San Marino are:
  • Basilica
  • Government Palace
  • St Francis Church
  • Chiesa di San Francesco
  • Cesta Fortress
  • Guaita Fortress
  • State Museum
  • Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens
The country of San Marino is gorgeously striking. San Marino travel becomes more pleasant with the excellent hotels of the country that provide to the travelers with the best of facilities and amenities. Some of the hotels of San Marino are:
  • Hotel Titano
  • Grand Hotel San Marino
The climate of San Marino is of Mediterranean type. Travel to San Marino should include necessary documents like the tickets, passports and other necessary papers with the tourists. Traveling in San Marino would give the tourists the chance to explore the range of citadels and forts and get a gothic experience.

The popular San Marino destinations are:
  • San Leo
  • Acquaviva
  • Chiesanuova
  • Serravalle
  • Borgo Maggiore
  • Monteqiardine
  • Domagnano
St Francis' Museum
The St Francis' Museum is a very popular museum in San Marino that was inaugurated in the year 1966. The museum of St Francis' in San Marino has a separate section where the visitors can see the prosperous creative inheritance of the Convent and other churches related to Francis.

The St Francis' Museum of San Marino houses paintings that date back to the era of the 12th to 17th century. In the St Francis Museum in San Marino there are modern paintings and works too. Potteries depicting the Italian style can also be witnessed by the visitors of the St Francis' Museum. A large number of people from across the globe visit this museum every year.

Coin and Stamp Museum
The Coin and Stamp Museum in San Marino is also popular locally by the name of Museo Filatelico e Numismatio. The San Marino Coin and Stamp Museum is located at Borgo Maggiore in San Marino. The Coin and Stamp Museum in San Marino has a wonderful collection of stamps and coins.

The stamps and the coins that are exhibited in the Coin and Stamp Museum of San Marino have been issued by the Republic of San Marino since the middle of the 19th century. In San Marino, collection of stamps and coins are a very popular practice.

Palazzo Pubblico
Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino is in the city of San Marino. Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino is a town hall and also it is the bureaucrat building of the government. In Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino the ceremonies which are official in nature are inaugurated.

Palazzo Pubblico in San Marino is also the seat of the major bodies of the administration of the Republic which are the Grand and General Council, Captains Regent, Congress of the State and the Council of XII. The new Government Building, which was designed by Frencesco Azzurri, a Roman architect, was rebuilt between the years 1884 and 1894.

Palazzo Pubblico, which is also known by the name of Government Palace in San Marino, goes back from the period of 15th century. In one corner of Palazzo Pubblico, there is a statue made of bronze of Saint Marinus.

The construction of Palazzo Pubblico took place by the usage of the blocks of stones brought from the caves of Titano. The fascia pompously exhibits the coat of arms of the republic. The name of the square which is at the front of the building is Liberty.

The Montale
The Montale in San Marino is one of the three major San Marino towers. The Montale San Marino is a fortress which played a vital role at the time of the struggle which occurred with the Malatesta family at the time of the 13th century.

The tourists to The Montale in San Marino can view only the outer part of the fortress. The spectacular views of the fortress will definitely make the tourist spell bound at the tour to The Montale, San Marino. The picturesque beauty of the total area is at its best at The Montale in San Marino.

The group of three towers at San Marino is very popular among the tourists who visit this country. The first tower is the Guaita and is the oldest of all the three towers. This particular tower was built in the 11th century.

The second tower is known as the Cesta which was created during the 13th century. The common public is not permitted to get the view of the interiors of the fortress.

Wax Museum
San Marino is an exotic and picturesque location attracting thousands of tourists to the place. The city too abounds in tourists attractions. Museums and forts are the major attractions of the city and are the testimonies of the grand past of the city. San Marino Wax Museum is a must visit for all the tourists. San Marino Wax Museum houses impressive collection of wax statues.

The wax museum of San Marino captures the history of the Republic of the San Marino consisting about forty scenes and about hundred characters sculpted of wax. The museum also captures important events of international history. The setting, the environment and the costume of the characters belong to the particular age to which the scene belongs.

Church of the Cappuccini
San Marino Church of the Cappuccini is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the European nation of San Marino. San Marino Church of Cappuccini was built during the period of the 16th century. According to the historical facts, San Marino was founded in the year 301 AD. Until the year 1463, the geographical limits of San Marino included only Mount Titano.

In the year 1849, the Church of Cappuccini in San Marino played an important role in playing host to the soldiers of Garibaldi after the decline of the Republic of Rome. The architecture of the Church of the Cappuccini of San Marino consists of a portico, fascia, and religious residence.

In the Church of Cappuccini the tourists can also witness the painting of Deposition done by Zuccari. At the quad of the church there is a monument in the honor of St Francis. The tourists, when in San Marino, can visit the historically famous Church of Cappuccini. The weather of San Marino is Mediterranean in nature. The summers are generally sunny and warm and the winters range from mild to chilly. This San Marino Church of the Cappuccini has been a favorite among the tourists to the city.

Church of San Pietro
The Church of San Pietro in San Marino is located at San Marino. The Church of San Pietro in San Marino includes two niches which have been engraved into the rock. San Marino is such a place, where all the tourists would be eager to visit. The picturesque scenery of San Marino would certainly be successful in making the travelers to the place spell bound.

San Marino is officially known as the Republic of San Marino. San Marino is the capital city of the Republic of San Marino. The terrain of the place is characterized mainly by craggy mountains. The major ethnic groups residing at San Marino are Italian and Sammarinese.

Legend speaks that at the Church of San Pietro, San Leo and San Marino slept. The small church of San Pietro in San Marino was built around the 19th century. This particular church reflects the true historical spirit of this small country in the continent of Europe. It is also a favorite among the tourists from all over the world. They visit this site every year to enjoy the rich history heritage of the small European country of San Marino.

San Marino Car Museum
The San Marino Car Museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this small European country of San Marino. The country is bounded by Italy from all sides. There are a lot of attractions at San Marino. The place is full of castles and museums and the tourists to San Marino are thrilled to explore the picturesque beauty of the place. There are also a large number of museums, of which the San Marino Car Museum stands apart with its unique features.

San Marino Car Museum has a collection of more than 100 vintage cars and also motorcycles. There are traditional cars and motorcycles belonging to the period of 1900 and the range is very broad and the modern day cars and motorcycles are also present.

In the Car Museum of San Marino there are cars that belong to some of the famous celebrities. A few Formula 1 cars are also there. The Car Museum in San Marino is very popular with the tourists as they can witness so many classic cars as well as many other famous models of the modern day cars.