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Nauru Travel and Tourism Guide

Nauru is a small island nation situated in Oceania, in the waters of the south Pacific Ocean. It is located between the island Guam and Fiji, and is the smallest independent republic in the world.

Its location near the equator makes for warm, sunny tropical climate, and the pristine blue waters of the south Pacific Ocean make Nauru a great destination for tourists. Thus, in Nauru, tourism is an important part of the economy, and also increases awareness of the country.

Nauru has some of the finest reefs to be seen in the south Pacific, and tourists can usually while away their time with activities like fishing, diving and indulging in other water sports. The underwater scenery is amazing, and diving can be a fun experience.

Accommodation and food are easily available in Nauru, for the benefit of tourists. In Nauru, tourism is important, and the island nation does justice to its reputation as a great tourists attraction.

Nauru is a beautiful island with attractive beaches, jungles and soothing atmosphere. Nauru travel would be very enjoyable.

While traveling to Nauru you could avail airways and waterways. Air Nauru is the national airline of Nauru. Nauru International Airport is the main airport of Nauru. Several international flights from destinations in the Oceania ply regularly to Nauru.

Any visa application for visiting Nauru as a tourist lasts for 30 days. Make sure that you have the valid passport and visa papers before traveling to Nauru.

There are many good hotels in Nauru. So accommodation won't be a problem. You can put up in either Menen hotel or in Bergstadens hotel. Both these hotels provide excellent service as well as facilities.

Travel in Nauru includes beautiful places of attractions like Anibare Bay, Nauru Towers, Nauru Pacific, Yaren, etc.

Nauru is a beautiful island nation. Nauru travel gives you the opportunity to enjoy activities like snorkeling, golf, scuba diving, etc. Apart from hotels and places of attraction, shopping and delicious cuisine would make your visit to Nauru an unforgettable experience.

Nauru Airport
The Nauru Airport is the sole airport in Nauru, and it takes care of all the air travel needs of Nauru. Since air travel is the only feasible means to get in and out of Nauru, the Nauru airport is of paramount importance. It is the center of service of the national carrier of Nauru, Air Nauru, and functions as the hub of air travel in Nauru.

The Nauru Airport is located in the Yaren district in the island of Nauru. It has been the seat of the national carrier, Air Nauru, since its inception in the 1970's. It has always been used as a base for all flights operating to and from Nauru. The national carrier had both short and long air travel routes, going to locations such as Australia, Hong Kong, Auckland and Solomon Islands.

The Nauru Airport faced problems when the national carrier, Air Nauru, ran into debts, and was declared closed, after the last remaining airplane belonging to Air Nauru was impounded in late 2005. However, Air Nauru once again became functional in late 2006, purchasing a Boeing aircraft with the financial aid of the Taiwan government. The Nauru Airport has been functional since then.

The Boeing 737-300 remains the functional aircraft of Air Nauru, which takes off to destinations like Australia, Hong Kong, Solomon Islands and Marshall Islands. The Nauru Airport remains the hub of all air travel coming to and leaving from the island of Nauru.

Nauru Visa
For traveling to Nauru you need to have Nauru Visa. The nationals of Britain, Canada, Australia, USA, etc. require Nauru Visa for visiting Nauru.

Tourist Visa and Business Visa are the two types of visas in Nauru. The tourist visa should be coordinated by the sponsor of Nauru.

In visit to Nauru the visitors require the following documents-
  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Validation of hotel reservations
  • Two way flight ticket
Tourist visas of Nauru are valid only for one month. Nauru Visa is not required for transit passengers who continue their travel by the same flight or by the first linking flight.

If the visitant wants to go to Nauru for business purpose then he or she should carry a visa and a local sponsor along with him or her.

The citizens of countries like Australia, Ireland, the USA, Canada and the UK might get tourist visa with a validity of 30 days after reaching Nauru.

The Consulate General of Nauru makes arrangement for the issuing of Nauru visa. If you want to apply to the Consulate General of Nauru for Nauru Visa then you should make your application at least two weeks before your traveling date. 4-5 days are required for making tourist visas and 5-6 days are required for making business visas by the Consulate General.

Nauru Shopping
Nauru shopping makes travel to Nauru much more interesting and enjoyable. Nauru shopping includes various types of items.

Shopping forms an integral part of every tour. There are many stores in Nauru. Generally imported goods are sold in these superstores. Since many things are imported from outside so these things are very costly in Nauru.

Nauru is a beautiful island. Shopping in Nauru comprises of many things that are integral part of island life. Some of these are as follows-
  • Straw hats
  • Ornaments made from shell
  • Liquor
  • Electronic goods
  • Clothes
There are many supermarkets in Aiwo where you would easily get good gift items at reasonable rates. Chapppelle's in Ewa district makes shopping much easier and comfortable as you can get all kind of things under the same roof. The things available in the shop Chappelle's are electronic goods, home wares, books, food, clothes, etc.