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Nauru Tourist Attractions Places to Visit

Nauru is a small island nation in Oceania, located in the south Pacific Ocean. It is the smallest independent republic in the world, and due to its location, its warm tropical climate, and the pristine waters of the south Pacific, a great place for tourists. In Nauru, attractions are plenty which would make the experience great for tourists.

Phosphate mining is the main source of revenue in Nauru. The mining center has landscape resembling that of the moon, due to deposits of phosphate dust. Attractions also include remnants of the Japanese occupation of Nauru, during the second World War. Nauru has some great beaches, and coral reefs of astonishing beauty. Water activities like diving and fishing are great sources of entertainment in Nauru.

Anibare Bay
Anibare Bay is located in Anibare which is one of the districts of Nauru. Anibare Bay is the best beach of Nauru. You can enjoy the best panoramas of Nauru while visiting the beautiful Anibare Bay.

The activities which you can enjoy most in Anibare Bay are surfing or swimming but you should be very careful while surfing or swimming as strong surf and underwater current often take surfers by surprise in the Anibare bay of Nauru.

Anibare Bay is situated adjacent to Buada Lagoon which is another greatest attraction of Nauru. Visitors enjoy the beauty of Anibare both during day and night. At night the beauty of the Bay bathed in the rays of the moon is simply mesmerizing. Daytime activities are also various and plenty. Sitting in a full moon night at Anibare Bay gives a very romantic feeling. Anibare Bay is situated adjacent to Buada Lagoon which is another greatest attraction of Nauru. In the Anibare Bay, Nauru you can get to see the variety of submerged flora.

The white coral sand of Anibare Bay makes the beach much more attractive. There is a copiousness of sunlight, sand and shadow in the Anibare Bay at Nauru. Anibare harbor is another attraction of Anibare Bay.

You can put up in the Meneng hotel during your visit to Anibare Bay in Nauru. Meneng hotel is situated very close to Anibare Bay. Sitting in your hotel room you can enjoy the excellent view of Anibare Bay. The accommodation and service of this hotel are extremely satisfactory.