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Full name: Republic of Nauru
Capital City: No official capital
Currency: Australian Dollar
Religion: Christian, mostly Nauruan Protestant Church
National Anthem: "Nauru Bwiema"
Newspaper: EIN News is an online newspaper in Nauru.
Places to Visit: Central Plateau, Yaren, Cantilevers, Command Ridge, Former Presidents' House etc are some of the attractive places that you can visit in this country.
Transport: Airways: Air Nauru or Our Airline offers frequent flights between various places.
Shopping: Local handmade works can be found in cheap prices.
The Nauruans originally came from the Polynesian and Micronesian seafarers in the ancient era. Nauru has been declared as the smallest island nation that does not have a capital. Visit this beautiful country and enjoy your trip.
Nauru Map
Location Of Nauru
Republic of Nauru is located in the western region of the Pacific Ocean. It is in fact an island nation. The neighboring countries are Equator in the southern side and Banaba Island in the eastern region. Banaba Island is situated in the Republic of Kiribati.

Physical Map Of Nauru
The island nation Nauru is a land full of highlands, tablelands and also lowlands. Regarding size, it is the smallest island state in the world. Nauru is bordered by coral reef. Another very important fact is that Nauru does not have an official capital city. Nauru is a member of the three phosphate rock islands, the other two being Banaba and Makatea. The highest altitude of this country is an unidentified location in the plateau that rises almost 61 meters above the sea level.

Nauru Flag
Flag Of Nauru
The flag Nauru is very simple yet significant. It is rectangle shaped and colored in blue. In the middle of the flag a horizontal yellow line breaks the blue flag into two parallel halves. The bottom half of the flag bears a white colored star in the left portion. The star is 12 pointed. It determines the location of Nauru in respect of Equator, while the yellow line is the symbol of Equator. The 12 points of the star are significant of the 12 Nauru tribes.

Climate Of Nauru
It is always very important to gather some details about the weather of the place you are going to visit. The climate of Nauru can be termed as tropical in one word. The months between November and February are characterized with heavy downpour. The temperature swings around 24ºC to 34ºC throughout the year.

Flora And Fauna Of Nauru
  • Flora: The vegetation of Nauru is diverse and there are varieties of plants in the forests of the country. A huge portion of the country is covered with scrub and creeper. Coconut and tamanu trees are can also be found in various regions of the country. In the coastal regions you will find coconut palms and pandanus in huge amount. Besides that tropical flowers such as hibiscus, frangipani etc also grow widely in Nauru.
  • Fauna: The animal life of Nauru is not so rich as the flora of the county. However some species of birds like noddies, terns, frigate and so on are found in great number sin this country. Besides that plenty of fishes are found in the surrounding seas of Nauru.
People Of Nauru
More than 10,000 people live in the Republic of Nauru. Nauruans cover the major portion of this huge population. The other races that live in this country are Chinese, European and some Pacific Islanders. The official language of the country is Nauruan. In fact it was originated in Pacific Island. However some other languages like English etc are also spoken in various regions of the country.

Art, Culture And Music Of Nauru
  • Art: In Nauru the practice of poetry is very common and rich. Music and dance are also parts of Nauru-art. Beside that some local handicrafts are also practice in various corners of the country.
  • Culture: The native people of the country Nauru had originally come from the Polynesian and Micronesian seafarers in the prehistoric era. Those people had their own beliefs such as female deity or goddess worship etc. they also believed in a land of spirit that was known as Buitani. Some of the popular games of the country are football, softball, cricket, golf, sailing and soccer.
  • Music: Music is very much appreciated in this country. Reigen is a traditional musical form that is very popular here and is performed in various cultural functions in various regions of Nauru. Besides that, the local music is also very rhythmic.
Economy Of Nauru
Nauru is a very small country and the economy of the state highly depends on its export trade. The major agricultural product of the country is coconut. It grows in large number in this country. Some of the fast growing industries of Nauru are phosphate mining industry, offshore banking industry, coconut products industry and so on. The materials that are exported are primarily phosphates and the nations with which Nauru runs its export business are South Africa, South Korea and Canada.