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Hotels in Mali

by Vishal Kumar

Mali hotels are among the best hotels of Africa. Sofitel lAmitie Bamako, Kempinski Hotel El Farouk, le Majestic Hotel and Hotel Kanaga are among the famous hotels of Mali that…

Mali hotels are among the best hotels of Africa. Sofitel lAmitie Bamako, Kempinski Hotel El Farouk, le Majestic Hotel and Hotel Kanaga are among the famous hotels of Mali that provide accommodation to the tourists coming to the city. These hotels are known for their warm hospitality and room services. They also offer state-of-the-art facilities within an affordable budget. Check Maps of Hotels to learn about the other famous hotels of world.

Given below are some of the popular hotels at Mali are:

  • Sofitel lAmitie Bamako
    • Location – Avenue de la Marne, B P 1720, Bamako, Mali
    • Accommodation – 191 well furnished rooms
    • Amenities – Air conditioning, satellite, television, in-room broadband, mini bar, telephone, car rental desk, health spa, meeting room, tennis court and swimming pool
  • Hotel Kanaga
    • Location – Mopti, Mali
    • Accommodation – 55 rooms
    • Amenities – Room service, air conditioning, room service, cable television, telephone, access to wheelchairs, daily maid service and multi-lingual staff
  • Relais Azalai
    • Location – Timbuktu, Mali
    • Accommodation – 37 rooms with all the modern facilities
    • Amenities – Air conditioning, cleaning services, gift shop, laundry and daily maid service
  • Kempinski Hotel El Farouk
    • Location – Bamako BP E 5063, Mali
    • Accommodation – 100 rooms possessed with all the modern facilities
    • Amenities – Swimming pool, tennis court, wheel chair access, shopping area, Internet, dry cleaning, and meeting room

Besides these hotels, one can also come across a number of other hotels in the country. Among the other hotels in Mali are Le Diplomate, Hotel L’Auberge, Aquarius Hotel, Hotel Savane, Olympe International Hotel, Grand Hotel, le Majestic Hotel and Hotel Mirabeau.

Bamako Hotels

Bamako Hotels are known for their exceptional room services. Spread across the length and breadth of the city, these hotels are among the best hotels of Mali that provide a wide array of facilities within an economical tariff. Some of the well known hotels at Bamako are:

  • Hotel Salam
    • Location – Ex-Base Aerienne, Bamako Mali
    • Accommodation – 118 rooms with all the modern facilities
    • Amenities – Babysitting, car rental, restaurant, gift shop, daily maid service, mini bar, telephone, fireplace, Internet access, photocopy, shopping area, cleaning service, laundry room, room service, parking area, smoke alarm, swimming pool, business center, fitness facilities and wheel chair access
  • Grand Hotel
    • Location – Bp 104, Bamako 00000, Mali
    • Accommodation – 77 well furnished rooms
    • Amenities – Fitness facilities, swimming pool, golf and family rooms
  • Le Diplomate
    • Location – Rue des Nations Unies BP E4473, Bamako, Mali
    • Accommodation – An Apartment, A Presidential Suite and many Luxurious Rooms
    • Amenities – Swimming pool, multi-cuisine restaurant, bar, garden, Internet access, air conditioning and television
  • Grand Hotel de Bamako
    • Location – De Van Vollenhoven, Bamako Mali
    • Accommodation – 74 rooms
    • Amenities – Air conditioning, television, swimming pool, babysitting, cleaning service, tennis, gift shop, room service, multi-lingual staff, pets allowed, business center, car rental, fax, mini bar, television, non smoking rooms and satellite television

Besides these hotels, we also come across many other hotels in Bamako. To name a few: La Relais Hotel, Olympe International Hotel, Hotel le Fleuve, Lac Debo, Hotel Mande, Sofitel l’Amitie Bamako, Kempinski Hotel El Farouk Bamako, Mission Catholique, Hotel Mirabeau and Hotel Le Rabelais.

Mopti Hotels

Mopti Hotels are conveniently located near the heart of the city and provide excellent hospitality services to the tourists. The well appointed guest rooms of the hotels are either furnished in modern decor or are based on traditional pattern. The spacious rooms of the hotels are air conditioned and are provided with attached bathroom, 24 hrs telephone services, room services, mini bar and so on. They are planned keeping in mind the needs and desire of the visitors.

Hotel Amenities at Mopti Hotels

The Hotels of Mopti boasts of a number of services and amenities. The travel desk of each hotel provides important information and arranges sightseeing tours on request. The world class conference halls of the hotels are ideal venue for meetings and seminars. The dining venues are perfect destination where tourists can relish upon some of the best delicacies of the city.

Hotels of Mopti

There are several boarding options in Mopti Hotels that will cater to the need of various tourists. Depending upon itinerary and budget, tourists can opt for a luxury or budget Mopti hotels. Some of the leading hotels of Mopti are:

  • Compement Hotel
  • Hotel Sevare
  • Hotel Kanaga
  • Hotel Doux Reves
  • Mopti hotels are ideal options for luxury clad stay.
  • Hotel Doux Reeves

Hotel Doux Reeves in Mopti, is situated 1.2 km from the center of Mopti. It is behind the sports stadium in a calm and quiet area. Room facilities in Hotel Doux Reeves are simple. Some rooms are bigger than others. The decoration of the rooms showcases the primitive feel of Africa. Since this hotel lies in the mosquito region, all the rooms have mosquito nets.

Dining facilities of Hotel Doux Reeves is looked after by an adjacent restaurant named Yeredeme. It is within 30 meters from the lodging facilities. The kitchen in the restaurant is managed by The Yeredeme AJMC to support young mothers and women from neighboring areas. The kitchen stores jams made from local fruits, dried vegetables, creams of shea tree and many more locally produced products. Elaborate breakfast is served in the hotel along with soft drinks. Tourists love the taste of the local juices, which are made with tamarind and ginger. Beer and mineral water is provided on demand by the hotel.

Tourists can enjoy a game of scrabble or read newspapers in the refreshment room or the terrace of Hotel Doux Reeves. The courtyard tables huddled together under the vines are an excellent place for relaxation. The hotel management organizes cultural evenings every Saturday between 7pm to 9 pm. Dancers in their colorful dresses perform to entertain the tourists. Different artists also play local instruments. Paintings of local artists can be bought from the hotel precincts.

Hotel Kanaga

Situated on the banks of River Niger, Hotel Kanaga in Mopti serves as an ideal retreat for the tourists desiring a luxurious stay in Mali. The hotel has created a niche for itself in the business of hospitality and management for the excellent services and amenities it provides to its guests.

Room Facilities of Hotel Kanaga

Hotel Kanaga provides spacious accommodation in 80 rooms, artistically decorated with Malian handicrafts. The rooms of the hotel are placed amongst the luxuriant gardens. The rooms are air conditioned and have attached bathrooms.

Dining at Hotel Kanaga

The guests may chose from a plethora of delectable and mouthwatering delicacies served in the two restaurants of Hotel Kanaga. Le Niger and La Paillote are the two restaurants of the hotel which offer local as well as international cuisine.

Hotel Amenities at Hotel Kanaga

The hotel also offers a host of amenities to the guests. Some of the amenities are listed below:

  • Color Television with Satellite Connectivity
  • 24 Hour Telephone Services
  • Conference Room
  • Travel Desk
  • Private Club
  • Art Gallery
  • Boutique
  • Business Center
  • Segou Hotels

Segou hotels cater to the basic needs of the travelers. There are a number of hotels on offer in Segou. The business and the leisure travelers can find a number of hotels suiting to their taste and choice. Some of the hotels in Segou are

Motel Savane in Segou

Situated in the tranquil area of the old colonial district, Motel Savane is the best place for the travelers to relax. All the rooms are clean and well maintained by the staff. The hotel is surrounded by trees and plants. The rooms have air conditioning and telephone facility Tours and picnics are arranged from the hotel.

Hotel Djoliba in Segou

This newly built hotel is run by the Germans. Situated close to the market, the hotel has comfortable rooms. The rooms either have air conditioners or ventilation facility. Some rooms have attached bathroom with televisions. Special concessions are given to groups.

Hotel Independence in Segou

This is a three star hotel in Segou. The business travelers can take advantage of the conference hall. The tropical garden is the specialty of the hotel. The hotel has 29 air conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, telephone and television. Restaurant, swimming pool and bar are also provided for the guests in Hotel Independence. It has four air conditioned suites with living rooms. The suites are equipped with mini bars. The restaurant of the Hotel Independence is air conditioned and stylishly decorated. It can accommodate upto 40 people. The non vegetarian dishes are the specialty of the restaurant. Hotel Independence has an air conditioned hall for the business travelers.

Timbuktu Hotels

Timbuktu hotels offer comfortable accommodation to tourists and travelers who come to visit this city every year. As Timbuktu is located in the Sahara Desert region, hotels here do not offer high end facilities, which match the international standards. The main hotels of Timbuktu are:

The Le Boctou Hotel, Timbuktu

Le Boctou is one of the oldest Timbuktu hotels. The rooms are large and spacious with tiled floors. It is a great base for travelers who want to participate in the Desert Festival. The hotel has two stories. The rooms on the second floor offer better view of the desert. As the hotel is centrally located, it is easy to mingle with the locals and catch a glimpse of their tradition and culture.

Hotel La Colombe, Timbuktu

Hotel La Colombe offers basic comfort and amenities and represents the modern day architecture of this region. Rooms in the hotel are average sized, but cozy. The decor has been done in accordance with the local styles. The rooms are air conditioned and have attached bathrooms. The rooms are also equipped with televisions. The hotel terrace is particularly attractive as it overlooks the main thoroughfare in Timbuktu.

Hendrina Khan Hotel, Timbuktu

Hendrina Khan Hotel is one of the few hotels located at a distance from the center of Timbuktu. Each of the rooms are air conditioned and have attached bathrooms.

List of Hotels in Mali

S.No Name Address
1 Comme Chez Soi Hippodrome, Bamako, Mali
2 Hotel Le Loft Bamako, Mali
3 Radisson Blu Hotel Aci 2000 Hamdallaye, Bamako, Mali
4 Azalai Grand Hotel Dar Salam, Bamako, Mali
5 LAICO l’Amitie Hotel Avenue De La Marne, Bamako, Mali
6 Hotel Le Rabelais Avenue Al Quods 1765 Route de Koulikoro, Bamako 5676, Mali
7 Hotel La Rabelais Quinzambougou, Bamako, Mali
8 Azalai Hotel Salam Commune III, Bamako, Mali
9 Hotel Mirabeau Rue 311, Bamako, Mali
10 Hotel Massaley Avenue Al Quods 1765 Route de Koulikoro, Bamako
11 Le Relais Hotel Avenue Al Quods 1765 Route de Koulikoro, Bamako 5676, Mali
12 Hotel Sarama Niarela, Bamako, Mali

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