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Mali Travel

Mali travel is a historical sojourn across the country's esoteric landscape, dotted with numerous cultural and historical sites. Every year thousands of tourists travel to Mali to experience the beauty and charm of this country. Mali travel has a lot to offer in terms or leisure and recreational activities.

The cities in Mali are enchanting and evoke an old world charm. Timbuktu, perched on the southern most tip of the rigorous Sahara desert is an ancient city. It is famous for the University of Sankore, which is the seat of Islamic learning. The city of Gao till today shows traits of the cultural legacy of the Songhai empire. Mopti is the center of tourist attractions. Timbuktu and Pays Dogon have been declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The different World Heritage Sites, National Parks and culturally and historically significant places are the chief attractions in Mali tourism.

Mali tour and vacation allow the traveler to explore the country through different perspectives. The boating tours along the Niger River offer a quick glimpse of the beautiful countryside. Hiking tours offer ample opportunity to rediscover the Dog on country. Tours on camel caravan across the Sahara desert is a wonderful experience.

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Tourists can travel to Mali by air, land or water. Flight is the most convenient and easy way of reaching Mali. Most of the European aviation majors have flights to different airports in Mali. Gao International Airport receives several international and domestic flights. Senou International Airport, Kayes Airport and Mopti Airport receive flights from major destinations of the world. Since Mali is a landlocked country, the only way to Mali by road is through Algeria. Road journey is viable for short sight seeing trips. Ferries along the river Niger link various cities in Mali. The best time for traveling to Mali is between November and January.

Mali hotels assure a pleasant and a hassle free stay to the travelers. Various types of hotel can be found in Mali and they offer different category of rooms, according the individual tastes and needs of the traveler. Mali hotels offer excellent amenities. Numerous luxury hotels, budget hotels and bed and breakfast hotels are available in cities like Bamako, Mopti and Gao.

Mali Culture Tours

Mali culture tours provide tourists an opportunity to take a closer look into the tradition and culture of the beautiful country of Mali. Mali is one of the largest West African countries where the majority of population belongs to the Muslim community. Mali culture forms an integral part of the nation.
The rich culture of the country is visible in its people, artworks, architectural constructions and all. Diverse forms of culture can also be observed in food and music of Mali. Cultural tours in Mali include the religion, language and festivals of the region.

Mali is a perfect tourism destination for the tourists looking for an adventurous and exciting vacation. Mali is blessed with the fabulous mosque, fishing port, bustling market and the traditional colorful festivals. The desert festivals of Mali draw huge number of tourists from all over the world.

While on a cultural tour to Mali the tourists get to gather information about the country's religious customs. As the country of Mali is home to diverse ethnic tribal group, the cultural activities of Mali vary accordingly. The largest tribe that occupies Mali is the Bambara. The Dogons and Tuareg also practice their individual traditional way of life. Mali cultural tours take tourists to the villages and towns inhabited by these tribal communities. It includes trips to the unique Dogon villages clustered in and around the Bandigara escarpment. The Niger River, Mopti and Djenne are also covered by the cultural tour of Mali.

Mali Eco Tours and Vacations

Mali Eco tours and vacations are among the popular tours in Africa. These tours help the tourists to experience the surreal landscape of the country. Eco tourism in Mali allows the tourists to explore the natural regions of the country. It also enables the travelers to enjoy the picturesque beauty of Mali.

Mali is the largest country of West Africa, which is surrounded by Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast in the south, Senegal in the west, Mauritania in the west and north-west, Algeria in the north and north east, Niger in the south and east and Guinea in the south-west. The country is blessed with a desert landscape. It is, in fact, one of the famous destinations of eco tourism. Some of the tourist sites in Mali that form an indelible part of Mali Eco tours and vacations are:
  • Mopti - It is one of the popular sites of Mali. Tourists willing to make a trip to Mopti can visit the town between August and November. During this time, Mopti experiences a pleasant weather.

  • Bandiagara Escarpment - Bandiagara Escarpment is situated near Dogon and is one of the popular destinations for trekking in the country. It is a sandstone ridge that rises about 1,000 feet above the adjoining areas.

  • Segou - Segou is known to be a greener and colonial version of Djenne. It is located about 200 kilometers from Bamako.

  • Djenne - Djenne is one of the important tourist sites in Mali. It is known to house beautiful mud architecture and mud mosques. It is also famous for its Monday market.

Mali Shopping

Mali Shopping is a wonderful experience for the tourists as well as the local people of Mali. Tourists can indulge themselves in buying various shopping goods from the large number of shops in Mali. There are even hawkers who sell products on bicycle and travel around the area. Bargaining is a very common aspect of shopping in Mali.

The tourists can enjoy shopping in the local markets of Mali. These local markets sell a variety of goods starting from clothes, jewelry, pottery, masks and musical instruments and many more. Mali is famous for painted and decorated masks. Dogon mask, Bogolan, masks and Touareg arts and Kanaga masks are very famous in the country. These masks make excellent shopping items for the tourists. Bamako in Mali boasts of a number of shops where impressive shopping items like clothes, beads, musical instruments and jewelries are available.

The Bologan fabrics or the mud cloths are made in the regions on the banks of River Niger. The designs on the fabric are very beautiful and based on natural objects and figures. The tourists can also buy jewelries made of silver, gold and bronze. The prices of these commodities are mostly fixed. Artisanat market is famous for gold and silver ornaments. Medina Coura market is a busy shopping complex selling varieties of colorful products. Tourists can buy the exclusive batik processed bazan cloth from the Medina Coura market.

Shopping at Mali offer tourists varied and the best quality local goods. Mali shopping is considered as one of the most favorite activities enjoyed by the tourists visiting the country.

Mali Car Rentals

The facility of Mali car rentals is provided by a number of car agencies located in the country. By renting a car in Mali, tourists can comfortably roam about in the country. However, the car rental agencies are mainly located in the capital city, Bamako. A variety of cars is available for the customers. There are the premium cars, sports cars, luxury cars, economy cars, mini vans and compact cars. For main highways, 4x4 cars are the best option. These cars can be booked over phone. Some car rental companies of Mali also offer online booking for their cars.

Some of the car rental agencies of Mali, which cater to the need of tourists, are:
  • Americar
  • Advantage
  • Dollar Rent a Car
  • ITS Car Rental
  • Advantage
  • Thrifty Rent a Car
  • Budget
  • Sears Rent a Car
  • Practical
  • Alamo
  • National
  • Hertz
  • Avis
The availability of Mali car rentals helps both the business as well as leisure travelers to make a convenient tour in the place. Customers willing to hire caras are required to fill up a form giving details of their name, pick-up time, type of car and other necessary things. Mali car rental agencies also provide cars at an economic rate. Hiring a car in Mali makes the journey in the region a quicker one.

Renting a car in Mali also means renting a chauffer. They are the locals and therefore know their place better. These chauffers can also act a guide for the tourists. The tourists will come across car rental facility at the Bamako Airport of Mali and from other important spots in the region. Visitors can also book a car from the airport. Some hotels of Mali also provide car rental facilities in Bamako; for example, Hotel Sofitel L'amitie and the Ave Du Mali Sci 2000 offer car rental facility to their guests. The cars reach at one's door step in the shortest possible time. Some agencies provide rented cars where the insurance for the car is provided by the agency itself.

  Famous Cities to Visit in Mali  
City NamePopulation (2011)City NamePopulation (2011)
Sikasso225753Tombouctou [Timbuktu]54453
Gao [incl. suburbs]125000Nioro du Sahel33486
Kati114983Djénné (Djenné)32944
San68067Ménaka [incl. suburbs]30000

  Popular Travel Destinations of Mali  
Tombouctou Or TimbuktuBandiagara
The Grand Mosque Niafounke
Dogon PlateauBozo Village
Niger RiverHombori
SegouBay Reserve

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