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Reykjavik Map

by Vishal Kumar

Reykjavik Map, the capital of Iceland shows major landmarks, tourist places, roads, rails, airports, hotels, restaurants, museums, etc.

Reykjavik Map

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. It is the world’s northernmost national capital. The name Reykjavik means “Bay of Smokes”. The city was founded in 1786. The Danish rulers of Iceland developed some domestic industries that led to the progress of the island. The placement of Alpingi in Reykjavik made the city the capital of Iceland and it was given a constitution in 1874. Later in 1918, Iceland became a sovereign country under the Crown of Denmark. The Republic of Iceland was founded in 1944. Reykjavik is now the largest city in Iceland. It is governed by the city council.

Area & Location :

Lies in southwest Iceland at the shores of Faxafloi bay, Reykjavik is located at 64° 08′ Latitude North and 21° 56′ Longitude West. Sits on the Seltjarnarnes peninsula, the city covers a total area of 274.5 sq. km. Situated not far from the Artic circle, the city has a population of around 1,35,722 people.

Tourist Attractions :

The fantastic climate of the city draws in millions of tourists every year. The city is beautifully located with snow-covered mountains and every time the cool atmosphere is the main attraction of Reykjavik. Alpingishus – the Parliament House, Baejarins Bestu pylsur -a small hotdog stand, Hallgrimskirkja – the largest church in Iceland, Kringlan – the second largest mall in Iceland, Laugavegurinn – the main shopping street, Nautholsvik – a geothermically heated beach, Perlan – a glass dome resting on four water tanks, Raohus Reykjavikur – The City Hall, Tjornin -the Pond, pjoominjasafnio – National Museum of Iceland, arbaejarsafn -Open Air Museum, Reykjavik’s Municipal Museum are the wonderful sights in the city. Saga Museum, Laugardalur Park, and Lutheran Cathedral are the other must to visit places in the city.

Transportation :

Reykjavik Airport, the second largest airport in the country, and Keflavik International Airport serve the city. The two seaports in the city help people to move from one city to another. Car and bus include the public transportation in the city. The city also has wide muti-lane highways that link the city with other regions.

Hotels :

Excellent accommodation and sumptuous dishes are the main features of the city hotels. Apart from this, the location of these hotels on the shore of the sea is really charming. Room With a View Apartments, Castle House & Embassy Luxury Apartments, Hotel Bjork, Hotel Glymur, Icelandair Hotel Nordica, TOP Hotel Reykjavik, Hotel Vik, Home Apartments, and Hotel Odinsve are the famous hotels in the city. The city also offers cafes, bars, and pubs that are open even at the night.

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik. The first settlers in Iceland, the Nordic people make a settlement in the present capital of Iceland, named Reykjavik. Reykjavik has the fame of being the northernmost capital city of some countries in the whole of the world. For a long time, the capital of Iceland was a rather underdeveloped area. In 1786 Reykjavik was officially founded as a trading city area and since then through regular development, it has become the major city in Iceland and its capital as well.

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