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San Marino Flag

Flag of San Marino

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San Marino claims to be the oldest republic in the world which is still existent. The flag of San Marino consists of two horizontal stripes of white and blue respectively.
The coat of arms of San Marino is placed in the center of the San Marino flag .The blue stripe symbolizes the sky and the white color stands for the mountains and snow which caps Mt. Titano, San Marino's highest point. The coat of arms has a shield, flanked by a wreath, a crown underneath and on top a scroll bearing the word "Libertas" (liberty).

Official Name: Republica de San Marino

Capital: San Marino

Location: Central Italy south west of Rimin about 18 km. From the Adriatic Sea

Area: 61.2 sq. km

Official Languages: Italian

National Flag: Horizontally white over light blue with the national arms over all in the center.

Flag Ratio: 3:4

National Anthem: Inno Nazionale National Anthem (1894)

National symbol(s):three peaks each displaying a tower

National colors: white, blue

National anthem:
name: "Inno Nazionale della Repubblica" (National Anthem of the Republic)
lyrics/music: no lyrics/Federico CONSOLO

Fact about San Marino flag

CountrySan Marino
Designed byNA
Adopted6. April 1862
Design and ColorsA horizontal bicolour of white and light blue; charged with the Coat of arms in the centre
Size Ratio3:4

Last Updated On : August 29th, 2017

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