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Full name: Republic of Cyprus
Capital Nicosia
National Anthem Hymn to Freedom
Newspaper Cyprus Mail, Financial Mirror, The Cyprus Weekly and others.
Currency Cyprus pound - CY£)
Religion Greek Orthodox, Christians, Muslim, Armenian Apostolic and Maronite.
Transport Travel with the help of highways, sea, and by air only.
Languages Greek (official), Turkish and English
Places to Visit Paphos Harbour & Castle, Larnaca Salt Lake & Hala Sultan Tekke, Cedar Valley, Panayia tou Araka, Choirokitia, Panayia tou Araka.
Shopping Handmade Lefkara lace, woven curtains, tablecloths, silks, basket work, pottery, silverware, wine, leather goods.
About Cyprus

Get the feel of the European culture well blended with prehistoric enchantment as you visit the land of golden apple popularly known as Cyprus. From the mountain peaks to the ancient ruins, from the olive trees to the citrus groves, from the old stone villages to Byzantine churches, the place is bountiful with attractive treasures.

Location of Cyprus

Cyprus is a Eurasian Island nestled within the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea, lying towards the southern part of Anatolian peninsula known as Modern day Turkey.

Physical Map of Estonia

Considered as the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, this place is known for its physical divison. The place is seperated into six major districts namely Lefkosia (the capital city), Ammochostos, Keryneia, Larnaka, Lemesos, and Pafos.

Its areas are engulfed by the Green Line in United Nations especially from the south and acknowledged by Turkey from the neighboring country. Nestled in Asia Minor ( Anatolian peninsula) surrounded by Syria and Lebanon from the eastern end, Isreal from the southeast end, Egypt to the southern end and Greece to the west-north-western end apart from Turkey from the north, this place is worth visiting.

Climate Of Cyprus

The climatic condition of Cyprus is temperate in nature while this Mediterranean island experiences sultry summers and chilly winters with slight amount of down pouring. This dry island witnesses rain from the months of November to March with heavy down pouring during December and February. Enjoy the spring season with mild weather blooming all over with beautiful flowers. One can even wish to ski in the snowy region of Troodos Mountains. The best time to visit the place is during the winter months of December, January, and February. It is during the month of May one can experience windy climate after which the temperature starts ascending.

Flora And Fauna of Estonia

Get assorted range of flora and fauna which is quite rich and varied:

The place is filled with 168 different species of birds, 12 diverse varieties of mammals and 20 different reptile species.

Watch out for sea turtles resting at the Lara Beach adjacent to the Akamas Peninsula.Catch up with moufflon, a mountain ram having broad sinuous horns that is cozily reserved in the Troodos.

Golden Oak is the National Tree of Cyprus. This evergreen shrub sets on the rock-strewn hilly sides especially in the forested region of Pafos, Troodos, Adelfoi and Machaeras. Its flower blossoms during the month of April to May and seasonally matures during November to December.

Cyclamen is the National Plant of the region. This heart shaped leafy plant grows in calcareous or igneous rocks adjacent to steep mountainside that blossoms during September to January.

Pink oleander is common ornamental plant found in abundance in this region. Whereas the dense area of Pafos is a habitat to pink wavy-leaved monkey orchids pleasantly situated here.

Griffon Vulture, Hirundelle, Golden Oriole, Pochard, and the Cyprus Pied Wheatear are some of the migratory birds that can be sighted here .

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People Of Cyprus

Visit the land of Cyprus, which is even called as the Island of Love, where the local people welcomes you with a warm heart towards a friendly environment. Cyprus constitutes about 78 percent of the Greek population while Turkish constitutes 18 percent of the overall population.

The traditional attire of men are the vrakas which is a long black trouser worn with vests on top. The ladies usually wear sarkas which is the local made skirt and blouse.

Arts, Culture And Music Of Cyprus

Art: The place is famous for its handicraft designing. Archaeological Museums and Folk Art Museums in Cyprus showcases art and artifacts of unique objects available in this area. The sword of Alexander the Great was made here in Cyprus. The Cyprus Handicraft Center is known to display authentic work of Lefkara Lace, Pottery made of Kornos and Phini, Phiti style weaving and woven materials.

Culture: The place is culturally rich where celebration has been part of their life. Religious festivals play a significant role starting from the Greek Orthodox Easter to Kataklysmos. It is during the Christmas the local people spent time in midnight mass, bonfire and fireworks. Kataklysmos is the festival of flood where one can participate in competition and games. It is during the springtime where one can indulge in carnival celebrations, flower festivals and parades. Entertain life with food and wine as this place enjoys wine festivals during the harvest season.

Music: From folk songs to classical music this place indulges in all. Music such as Hip Hop, Reggae, Hardcore/Emo, Drum & Bass thrive in this region.

The music of Cyprus is influenced from the Ancient Greece, the Byzantine Empire and the Greek island sources.

Flag Of Cyprus

The flag of Cyprus was officially accepted on August 16, 1960. This flag is designed with its topographical land area or map of the area nestled on a white background with two crisscrossed olive branches. The map is colored in copper-yellow tones that denote the rich repositories of copper, in the form of chalcopyrite in the area. The olive branch represents the hope for peace among the Turks and the Greeks.

Economy Of Cyprus

The economic growth of Cyprus mainly depends on tourism, which amounts to 70 percent of the total revenue income, whereas small-scale industry amounting to 24 percent of the revenue and Agriculture about 6 percent.

The government service, adds value to the revenue income. Cyprus stands in the fourth position as far as ship registry is concerned especially from Greece, Germany and Russia.

The major cash crops of this region are potatoes and citrus. The place even earns foreign exchange from offshore companies present here.

The goods that are imported from Cyprus to United States includes clothing, footwear, steel tubes and pipes, dairy products, and food items.

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