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Costa Rica

Full name Republic of Costa Rica
Capital City San Jose
Language Spanish (official); English
Currency Costa Rican colón - ¢; Colon (CC) = 100 centimos.
Religion Roman Catholic, Protestant
National Anthem Himno Nacional de Costa Rica (Spanish lyrics)
Newspaper La Republica, La Nación.
Places to Visit Palo Verde National Park, La Fortuna de Bagaces, Barra Honda Caverns, Wilson Botanical Gardens, Cerro Chirripó, Monteverde and much more.
Transport SANSA and Nature Air are the standard running flights to different location from San Jose airport. Buses are cheap mode of transportation. Taxi and mini buses can also be hired while vacationing in the city.

Travel to the ecotourism paradise of Costa Rica that upholds strong constitutional structure and known as a democratic republic from the past 115 years that boasts of rich coastlines and galore seashores.

Location Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is nestled in Central America, engulfed by Nicaragua (from the north), Panama ( from the south-southeast), the Pacific Ocean ( from the west and south) and the Caribbean Sea ( from the east).

Physical Map Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica lies in the second position as it is considered as the smallest country in Central America past El Salvador. Nestled in the midst of Nicaragua and

Panama, that has its shoreline defined well near the Caribbean and the Pacific. A stretch of thin hills passes from the Lake Nicaragua extending from the pacific to the northern Costa Rica, ultimately ascending into a high risen rocky mountains. It is the capital city of San Jose that is nestled in this upper highland area. The east coast region is covered with the swampy terrains encircled within tropical forests. The area has two-peninsula region: One being the Nicoya peninsula having mountains towards the north and the second being the Osa peninsula that is a low-lying area in the south. It is the savannah forests land that extends from the Pacific coasts passing through the two peninsular regions.

Climate Of Costa Rica

Lying close to the Equator,Costa Rica has tropical weather.The region experiences chilly winter from the month of November to January and sultry summer from the months of March to May. Subjected to the altitude the temperature can rise from the 24 degrees centigrade while descending to about 14 degree Celsius. With occurrence of occasional earth tremors still this location is a wonderful destination to visit. The best time to holiday is around the dry season from the months of December to May.

Flora And Fauna Of Costa Rica

Watch out for various species of wildlife, especially big cats and tapirs at the Corcovado National Park .

A variety of bird species are found here especially around 320 diversified ranges are found in Tortuguero National Park . One can even sight several species like spider, howler, white-throated Capuchin monkeys, three toed sloth, reptiles, parrot genres, and endangered green turtle, giant leatherback, hawksbill, and loggerhead turtles can be well traced in this region.

The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is a home to several species of orchids, birds and different species of mammals.

The National bird of Costa Rica is the Clay-colored Robin. The butterflies and moths find a cozy habitat in the region of Costa Rica.

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