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Medical Insurance in Comoros

Medical insurance Comoros is a necessity of the people. The people of Comoros are prone to several diseases like cholera, dengue, leprosy, malaria and tuberculosis.
Medical insurance in Comoros is not only necessary for the people living there but also for the people coming to Comoros from other places.

The medical facilities being poor in Comoros, travelers should always carry their medical kit with themselves. The state department of Comoros recommends the people of USA to consult with the medical insurance company before traveling to Comoros. They need to confirm whether their medical insurance policy is valid in Comoros or not. The same thing is applicable for the people visiting Comoros from other countries.

There are several travel agents and private agencies that provide medical insurance Comoros covering health expenditure of the travelers. For seeking even the basic medical help, the travelers should carry their health insurance certificate in Comoros. Yellow fever is a prevalent disease in some parts of Africa. The people visiting Comoros from these areas should carry their vaccination certificates.