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How Big is England as compared to Croatia?

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Infographic depicting comparative study of England and Croatia

England and Croatia are located in Western Europe and at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe respectively. England is one of the four countries that form the United Kingdom. The other three are Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia but declared its intention to become an independent nation on June 25, 1991. The decision came into effect on October 8, 1991.

Area and population

Croatia comprises an area of 21,851 square miles, while England is more than double the size of Croatia and is spread over an area of 50,301square miles. As compared to Croatia, England is a highly populated country. As of 2017, Croatia had a population of 4,154,200 as compared to the 55,619,400 people residing in England.


England is the largest part of the United Kingdom in terms of area as well as economy. In terms of GDP per capita (PPP), England stands at the 18th spot in the world with $43,600. London, the capital of England, is also the financial hub of the United Kingdom. Home to some of the leading corporations of the world, and is among the top in terms of the arms industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and the arms industry. The London Stock Exchange is the largest and most reputed stock exchange in Europe. Some of the world’s leading industries based in England include BP plc, which was formerly known as British Petroleum; HSBC, which is the seventh-largest bank in the world by total assets; Aviva, Vodafone, and many others.

Croatia witnessed the devastating Croatian War of Independence which lasted from 1991 to 1995 and as a result of Croatia’s declaration of independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. However, following the end of the war, Croatia began to make recovery and today stands at the 56th spot in terms of GDP per capita (PPP) with $24,100. The population of Croatia enjoys a very high standard of living. The tourism sector makes a significant contribution to the GDP of the country and is known for its picturesque landscapes and majestic cities. It is among the world’s top 20 most popular tourist places. The industrial sector, service industry, and agriculture are the main drivers of the Croatian economy.

International significance

Though England has an independent standing in the world of sports as it has its own cricket, football, and other teams; however, in international politics, England is always represented as a part of the United Kingdom. The UK is a member of Interpol, NATO, WTO, Commonwealth of Nations, OECD, etc. The country’s departure from the European Union is being negotiated.

Croatia is a member of several prestigious organizations such as NATO, the United Nations, the European Union, Council of Europe. Etc. Thus, comparing Croatia with England can be a bit tough as Croatia is an independent nation while England is a part of one of the world’s most prosperous countries. However, both nations are highly developed, and prosperous, and are making a significant impact at the international level, both in sports, as well as politics.


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