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Political Map of Rwanda

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Description : Rwanda political map features the international boundary, the country boundaries with their capitals, national capital and other important cities. Disclaimer

Rwanda political map like other political maps feature the provinces and their capitals, national capital and major cities. The red dot and the white squares on the map of Rwanda signify the country capital and the province capital of Rwanda. Black dots on the political map of Rwanda are used to mark the important cities. Congo, Uganda, Tanzania and Burundi are the neighboring countries. The latitudinal and longitudinal extent of the country is 2° South and 30° East respectively.

Location of Rwanda

According to the Rwanda map, the country is located in Central Africa. The latitudinal and longitudinal extent of the country is 2° South and 30° East respectively. The total area occupied by the country is 26,338 square kilometers. The total land area of the country is 24,948 square kilometers and the rest 1,390 square kilometers is covered by water bodies. The highest point is the Volcan Karisimbi, situated 4,519 meters above sea level and the lowest point is the Rusizi River flowing 950 meters above sea level.

Capital of Rwanda

The capital of Rwanda is Kigali and is easily pointed on the map of Rwanda. The geographical coordinates of the city are 1°57'13'' South latitude and 30°3'38'' East longitude. The altitude of the city is 1567 meters above sea level. The nearby cities and town are Nyamabuye, Kigali, Gikondo, Murambi, Kacyiru, Nyarugenge and Katshuriro. The main airports of the city are Goma, Kigali International and Gisenyi serving as gateways to the city.

Important Rwanda Cities

Some of the important cities are pointed with black dots on the printable political map of Rwanda. They are listed below:

  • Nyagtare
  • Kidaho
  • Mutura
  • Mututa
  • Muhura
  • Mabanza
  • Butamwa
  • Kigarama
  • Sake
  • Bare
  • Masango
  • Gashora
  • Rwesero
  • Kitabi
  • Bugarama
  • Busoro
  • Butamwa
  • Ngororero
  • Shyorongi
  • PrefecturePop-2002Pop-1991Pop-1978Area(km.²)Area(mi.²)
    Kigali-Ville608,141235,664 313121
    Umutara423,642  4,2301,633
    12 prefectures8,162,7157,157,5514,819,31724,2999,382

    Note  : -Pop-2002: 2002-08-16 census.

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