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Dharan City Map

Dharan Nepal is an urban settlement in beautiful Himalayan surroundings. It is located at the start of the Himalayan foothills. The numerous Hindu temples in Dharan make it an undeniable attraction among the more religious minded tourist.
Dharan Nepal is situated at a height of 1148 feet above sea level. The place enjoys a tropical climate interspersed with monsoons. Maximum temperature at Dharan in Nepal usually reaches 36 degrees centigrade in the month of April. The temperature dips to 10 degree Celsius in January. Dharan of Nepal could be visited all around the year. The presence of Nepal's largest river Saptakosi lends a mild influence to Dharan and its immediate region. Dharan city is characterized by clean roads, picture perfect homes and welcoming native people.

Dharan has a number of attractions. Some of the notable places to visit in the city include the following:
  • Temples: Dharan is regarded as one of the holy places in Nepal by the followers of the Hindu religion. The numerous temples in the city and its vicinity attract religious visitors from all over Nepal. Notable places of worship include Dantakali Temple, Buddha Subba Temple, Pindeshwar Temple and Pancha Kanyan Temple.
  • Mountain Views at Bhedetar: Stunning views of the Himalayan mountain range could be observed from Bhedetar.

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