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Scotland Weather

Scotland, weather remains cool and wet throughout the year. The warm North Atlantic Drift current is responsible for influencing the climate of Scotland's coastal area. In winter the coastal regions remain ice free.

Scotland Climate
Scotland does not experience any extreme climate and neither has it experienced Tornado, droughts or floods. But the day to day weather changes every day and generally the climate of Scotland is very unpredictable.

The climate of the eastern coast of Scotland experiences a continental climate. The summers are very hot and winters are very cold. The islands and the highlands of Scotland experience west and southwest winds.

Scotland Temperature
The coldest month in Scotland is January and February. The average temperature in winter ranges from 41degree to 45 degree. In summer the average temperature of 66 degrees .July and August are the hottest month. Most of the time some parts of Scotland remains cloudy. Places like Galloway, Ayrshire, Lothians, Dumfries, Fife and Angus receive some amount of proper sunshine.

Scotland Rainfall
The distribution of rainfall is uneven in Scotland. In some places there is rainfall throughout the year. Rainfall is very high in the Western highlands compared to the mountainous and midland areas.

Scotland Snowfall
The mountainous regions receive enough snowfall to make communication a problem. Ben Nevis is mostly covered with snow.

Scotland, weather changes every minute.

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