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Scotland Information

Scotland information is the most important towards making a holiday memorable. Visitors must haveScotland information to plan and enjoy their stay in this beautiful country.

The information on Scotland for both leisure and business travelers can be obtained from their travel desks in each of their main cities. The bottom less, moody lakes, the craggy high cliffs near the sea andthe rolling verdant hills all steeped in nostalgic romance of history appeal to the adventurer in all.

Scotland tourist bureaus are one of the best places to look for the informations regarding the places of tourist interest, probable itineraries and availability and prices of accommodation in Scotland. The addresses and telephone numbers of prominent tourism interests are displayed there.

Medical Facilities in Scotland are one of he best in the world and help is always round the corner, because the people of Scotland are known to be one of the friendliest in the world. The Scottish Police, fire brigade and ambulance share their emergency number, which is 999.

The GBP Pound (£) is the official currency of Scotland; a pound consists of 100 pence with coins obtained from 1p to £2 denominations. Common denominations of banknotes are £5 to £50 amounts. The weather of Scotland is generally of a very changeable nature varying all the time depending upon the altitude and distance from the sea. Although the best time to visit is April through September yet as a precautionary measure it is best to own a warmer when visiting Scotland.

Scotland Visa
Scotland Visa is an essential prerequisite for traveling to the country for citizens of most of the countries barring a few. The application for a Scottish visa can be placed at the British Consulate or the British Embassy.

Visa of Scotland is required by nationals of countries such as India, Pakistan, Cameroon, Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Tanzania, Kenya, Fiji, Uganda, Maldives, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Mozambique.

Citizens of countries such as Canada, Japan, Australia and USA do not require a Scottish visa.

Visa of Scotland is also not required by citizens of countries such as El Salvador, Korea (Rep), Norway, Mexico, Bolivia, Panama, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Greenland, Iceland, Honduras, Brazil, US Virgin Islands, Monaco, Andorra, Uruguay, Venezuela, East Trimor and Vatican City.

There are various types of Scotland visa. Standard visa, visitor's visa, student visa are some of the categories of Scottish visa. Visas have also been classified according to the period of time for which they are issued. Accordingly there are ten year visit visa, two year visit visa and one year visit visa. The costs for the visas vary depending upon the type of the visa.

The validity of the visa issued also varies depending on the type of visa. The validity of the visit visas usually range between ten years, two years, five years and six months. Visitors are permitted to visit Scotland several times before the validly of the visa expires.

Scotland visa application need to be supported by various documents that include an application form fully completed, proof of the fund of the sponsor and an invitation letter.

Scotland Immigration
Scotland Immigration has played a major role in shaping the economic development of Scotland. Emigration has always been an inherent problem in the Scottish territory. Mass emigration has crippled the economy of Scotland several times in past. The recent stagnation in the year 2004 has also been the result of rapid emigration. The revival of Scottish economy in the following years owes much to the immigration in Scotland.

It is mainly because of the huge scope of employment in Scotland and low property prices that immigrants from the neighboring nations are getting attracted towards the territory of Scotland. Around 100,000 immigrants have settled in Scotland over the last few years. Aided by the funds received from the immigrants, the economy of Scotland has moved out of its stagnancy. Scotland immigration is a broader concept that covers all aspects of global and domestic migration in relation to the Scottish territory.

The government of Scotland has adopted several policies to attract migrants from the nearby nations. The immigrants in Scotland have contributed substantially in maintaining the economic equilibrium. There has been huge inflow of funds in the real estate sector. The industrial sector has undergone a sea change aided by Scotland immigration.

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