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Scotland Education

Scotland Education is unique and different from the education systems of other parts of the United Kingdom. Scotland Education had always put emphasis on wide range of specialized subjects. On the contrast the Welsh, English and Irish education system concentrates on smaller range of subjects.Compared to the other universities, the Scottish universities extend their course duration for an extra one year.

The education system of Scotland is very unique as well as advanced. According to the Scotland Education Act 1872 all children between 5 to 13 years must be educated. Most of the Schools in Scotland are non-denominational. The Scottish Qualifications Authority provides all the certificates that are given at the schools colleges and other educational institutions. Local authorities own and operate the Public Schools.

Scotland Schools

Scotland schools are of two types Primary Schools and Secondary Schools.

  • Primary Schools in Scotland
    Children between 4 to 12 years study in primary schools where they are given the basic trainings. There is at least one if not more primary schools in each and every city of Scotland.

  • Secondary Schools in Scotland
    The secondary schools include 6 years of education.All the major cities of Scotland have one or more secondary schools.

Scotland Universities
Specialized education is provided in all the universities of Scotland. Scotland University is located in the major cities of the country.

The education system of Scotland is highly developed in every way and the curriculums are constantly upgraded and reformed to get a better result.

University Scotland
In Scotland students are eligible for attending University Scotland after they complete High School and when they have crossed the age of 16 plus. In University Scotland students are provided higher education and research works on various subjects. Students are given academic degrees at all levels such as bachelor, master and doctorate. Both territory and quaternary educations is provided by Scottish Universities.

Scotland University Subjects
Universities in Scotland have subjects in their curriculum, which are not very generic but are rather specific in nature. Some of the common subjects in all universities of Scotland are Art, Classics, English, History, International Relation, Physics & Astronomy, Computing, Biology, Medical, Mathematics, Economics, Psychology and all.

Famous Scottish Universities
Scotland boasts of some highly recognized universities.

  • University of St Andrews
    The first university of Scotland, St Andrews is the third oldest university in UK. High standard teaching and research are provided at the university.

  • University of Strathclyde
    The university is located in Glasgow. It is one of the leading universities in Scotland and was established in 1796.

  • University of Aberdeen
    It is the third oldest university of the country. The University of Aberdeen is recognized as an international university.

Two sets of national examinations are held before a student is admitted to the Scottish Universities. The first set is known as "Standard Grade" and the second set is known as "Higher Examination".

Scotland High School
Scotland High School is where the last segment of compulsory education is provided. These schools are also known as secondary schools. After completing education in the primary schools, students are admitted to the Scotland High School at the age of 12.

At all the High Schools in Scotland provides suitable trainings to the student and prepare them for further education at colleges and universities. In high schools the subject matters gradually become restricted to specific subjects of individual interest.

Scotland High School Subjects
Wide variety of subjects are taught at all the Scotland High Schools, which includes Art & Design, Drama, Classical Studies, Business Education, Biology, Chemistry, Computing, English, Geography, History, Economics, Math and all.

There are more than 50 High Schools located all over the country in all the major cities. Some of the popular Scotland High Schools are:

  • Boroughmuir High School
    Built in 1913, Boroughmuir High School is a non-denominational school located in the southern area of Edinburgh.

  • Jordanhill School
    Jordanhill School is an independent Scotland High School located in Glasgow. The school is an assorted school of non-denominational religion.

  • Williamwood High School
    The school situated in Glasgow is a well-known secondary non-denominational school in Scotland.

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