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Atar City Map

  Facts about Atar  
Time Zone GMT(UTC+0)
Language Arabic, Hassaniya, Pulaar, Soninke, Imraguen language, Wolof, Serer and French
Major Religion Christian( Catholics) and Muslim (Sunnis)
Founded 1140
Area215 km²
Lat Long Coordinates 20° 31′ 0″ N, 13° 3′ 0″ W
Point of interest“longest train in the world” transports iron ore from Zouerat to Nouadhibou
 Auberge Avrah
 Bab Sahara
 Ouadane " two oueds"

Atar is one of the most well-renowned towns in Mauritania. Located in the north-western part of Mauritania, the city is the capital of the Adrar Region and has widespread settlements on the Adrar Plateau. There are many tourist attractions in the city and several places of interest. The tourism industry has developed rapidly in the city and several steps are being taken by the government to enhance and improve the tourist activities in the Mauritanian city.

Atar is situated almost in the center of the Sahara Desert in Mauritania. Still there are many beautiful places in the city, full of greenery. Tourism is flourishing greatly in this Mauritanian city, as the city acts as the passageway to several other cities in Mauritania like Quadane and Chinguetti. The Paris Dakar Rally, the longest off-road race in the world, has a stop at this beautiful city of Mauritania.

The most attractive part of Atar is its market. There were also many traditional architectural features in the city of Atar in Mauritania, but many of them have been destroyed by nature's fury. The streets in Atar are narrow and there is a fort that dated back to the Second World War.

There are a number of good hotels and restaurants in Atar, which provide accommodation and food at reasonable rates. There are also several local eateries in the city. From Atar, various other Mauritanian cities can be accessed namely Azougui, Nouakchott, Chinguetti, Nouadhibou and Choum.