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Mauritania Attractions

by Vishal Kumar

Mauritania Museums Mauritania is situated in the north western Africa. It shares land boundaries with Morocco on the Northern side, Mali and Algeria on the eastern side and to the…

Mauritania Museums

Mauritania is situated in the north western Africa. It shares land boundaries with Morocco on the Northern side, Mali and Algeria on the eastern side and to the southern side there is Senegal. The country of Mauritania is mostly dominated by deserts. There is little patch of fertile agricultural land on the side of the River Senegal. In the country the tourist can visit the Mauritania Museums.

Mauritania Museums is located in the city of Nouakchott in Mauritania. The museum which is located at the city of Nouakchott is known as the National Museum. The National Museum at Nouakchott has good collections of the archaeology and also there are ethnographical collections in the museum.


There are more museums in Mauritania. The names of the Mauritania Museums are:


  • Musee de Medicine Traditionnelle de Mauritanie
  • Musee National du Nouakchott
  • Musee de Ouadane

The museums at Mauritania lead the tourists to the art galleries and they can also witness the collections at the exhibitions which are organized by the museums there. From the museums of Mauritania the tourists can com to know about the history of the place and the culture which used to exist in the ancient time. The precious monuments and pieces of interest in the museums at Mauritania attract the tourist to know much about the country.

Arguin Bank National Park

Arguin Bank National Park is a World Heritage site, apart from being a breeding site of the various migratory birds. The Arguin Bank National Park of Mauritania is visited by a variety of birds like the flamingos, pelicans, broad-billed sandpipers and terns.

Arguin Bank National Park is a major ground of the various species of African as well as European birds. It because of this reason that Arguin Bank National Park has grown as a major tourist destination for the bird lovers over the years. The Arguin Bank National Park is located in between the capital city of Nouakchott and the city of Nouadhibou in Mauritania. A trip however would be more convenient if conducted from Nouakchott. The extreme wilderness of the region of the Arguin Bank National Park has made it absolutely impossible in frequently using the regular roads connecting the two cities.

Trips to the Arguin Bank National Park in Mauritania can be arranged only with the permission letter from the National Parks service. A guide is also essential for touring the Arguin Bank National Park at Mauritania. There is however a restriction for the visitors in the months of the mating of the birds, that is, in the months April to July and October to January, in order to protect the hatch-lings.


Tegdaoust is an important and famous archaeological site in Mauritania. Tegdaoust is truly an important spot for tourist attraction as it is suitable for people of all ages. The archaeological site of Tegdaoust is very important for the historians as lot of historical information can be gathered from the various excavations done here.

The Tegdaoust archaeological site is actually a Berber site and it represents the historical town of Awdaghost. The name of Awdaghost appeared in the Arabic document quite a few times. It was mainly a trade center consisting of large black population, which created a connection between the western Muslim world and the Soninke society of Ghana and West Africa.

The intense archaeological excavations, which took place at Tegdaoust of Mauritania, provide information about the occupation between 8th and 14th centuries AD. It was an important town for trade in those days. The excavations reveal valuable information about the mechanism of trade and its types. The commodities, which were used in trading, can also be identified due to the research work done in the area.

The ancient style of architecture of this town of Tegdaoust is also a must watch for the tourists who are coming from distant areas. Not only that, it also throws light on the daily life of the people living there, the occupation that they used to follow and few other such things.

Kumbi Saleh

Kumbi Saleh is also known as Koumbi Saleh. Koumbi Saleh was formerly the capital of Ghana. Kumbi Saleh is famous for the archeological site in the country of Mauritania. The site of Kumbi Sale is called the Iron Age site of archeology. This place was used by the Ghana people as their capital.

The Islamic historian, Abu ‘Ubayad al- Bakri, had documented that Kumbi Saleh was sacked in the 1086 A.D. by the Almoravids. Many examinations are being carried out in Kumbi Saleh. The current research on Kumbi Saleh has been carried out by Laurence Garenne- Marot. This person belongs to the Center de Recerche et de Restauration de Musees de France.

The city of Koumbi Saleh had been successful in bringing in riches, wealth to the region off Ghana in the ancient times. The place was affluent with lots of gold. This resulted that the Africans started trading gold for salt. The remains of the town of Kumbi Saleh were excavated in the year 1913. Since then it has become the most important archeological site in the country of Mauritania.

The history of Koumbi Saleh is recorded to have been happy and joyful. The place was inhabited by two groups of people. The Soninkes were the local people of the area and the Muslim traders also lived there.


Oulata, also known as Oualata, is located at a distance of ninety kilometers from the city of Nema, seven hundred kilometers from that of Tidjikja while four hundred kilometers from the city of Tichitt. Oulata is one of the four ancient cities of Mauritania which were once the relay stations on the long caravan routes of the North African and the sub Saharan African trading routes. The other three cities in this group are Ouadane, Tichitt and Chinguetti. Oulata in Mauritania was also renowned as the profoundly cultural as well as religious center of Islamic scholarships.

The ancient town of Oulata of Mauritania is mostly attractive to the tourists for its extensive collection of the reading material in its huge libraries and its invariant architecture with mural decorative items. Oualata is located at the foot of the Dhar and this is the major reason why it is one of the most beautiful towns in the whole country of Mauritania. Other major attractions include the stone-built houses decorated with various kinds of motifs.

Oulata at Mauritania was constructed in the 11th century and was a pretty active medieval town. Previously there used to be town by the name of Birou at the site where Oulata was built. Oulata is also renowned as a center of arts and religion.

Koumbi Saleh

The place of Koumbi Saleh is situated at south eastern Mauritania. The history of Koumbi Saleh is quite ancient enough. It dates back to the 3rdcentury. During the seventh century, Koumbi Saleh became the capital of the region of Ghana.

The population of the place of Koumbi Saleh was around 30,000 at the period of eleventh century which was one of the most densely populated places in the continent at that time. The place of Koumbi Saleh at that time was separated into two centers. The northern center of Koumbi Saleh consisted of twelve mosques.

The southern part of Koumbi Saleh was called as al-Ghala. There was the Royal Palace in that center which was surrounded by small settlement which was planed well enough. Between the two canters of Koumbi Saleh there were suburbs which were residential in nature.

The tourists to Koumbi Saleh would get to know the rich history of the place which still exists there. At present Koumbi Saleh has the remains of those things which it possessed as the prosperous capital of the country of Ghana. The city of Koumbi Saleh had brought to Ghana, a good amount of riches and treasures.

Transportation to Koumbi Saleh is not very convenient. The tourists to Koumbi Saleh are advised to have their own personal means of conveyance.

Terjit Oasis

Terjit Oasis is very popular with the tourists who come to visit the place of Mauritania. Terjit is an oasis on an arid plateau. The Terjit Oasis extends to about hundred miles by the side of a stream which comes out from a rock.

The tourists, who come to see the Terjit Oasis, have to give fees, which is not at all a big amount. If the tourists wish to stay at the place then they can do so by paying and then they are allowed to stay in the tents which are situated in the palm grove.

To visit the Terjit Oasis, is an unbelievable opportunity to the tourists. The Terjit Oasis is a place of welcome relief which is flanked amidst a desert which is driest in the world. There are small houses in the middle of the desert. These small houses look extremely attractive.

The view of the Terjit Oasis is simple magnificent and glorious. The Terjit Oasis is a very gorgeous place to visit in the region of Adrar. The Oasis of Terjit is fed by a number of springs which are cold and warm. The tourist to Terjit Oasis can take the pleasure of swimming in them without worrying about the season of the year.

The Oasis is surrounded by trees which allow the place to be cool by giving cool shade from the scorching sun and the scenic beauty of the place also becomes worth watching. The tourists are advised to bring along their own personal provisions for food and stay.

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