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Facts about Malawi

Situated in the southern parts of Africa, Malawi is a country of beautiful lakes wildlife. The country has many national parks and has gradually grown into a popular travel destination. The various Malawi Facts help us to know more about the country.Malawi covers an area of about 118,480 sq km and is smaller in area than Pennsylvania. Malawi has land area of about 94,080 sq km and the water bodies of Malawi covers an area of 24,400 sq km. the capital of the country is Lilongwe. Following are some important Malawi facts:

  • Basically a plateau, the country comprises of rolling hills and small mountains. The lowest point is the intersection between the River Shire and the international boundary of Mozambique. The highest level is Sapitwa peak of Mount Mulanji.
  • Malawi has a sub-tropical climate where the rainy season starts from the month of May and stretches till May. The dry spells starts from May and ends in November.

  • The natural resources of the country are limestone, hydropower, uranium deposits, coal, and bauxite.

  • Malawi is a landlocked country where Lake Nyasa is one of the beautiful lakes of the country. Malawi houses several national parks which are the most prominent features of Malawi.
  • Having a population of about 13,603, 181 Malawi is the home of different ethnic groups. The various ethnic groups of Malawi are Chewa, Nyanja, Tumbuka, Yao, Lomwe, Sena, Tonga, Ngoni, Ngonde and others. The major religions of the country are Christianity and Islam.

  • English is the official language of the country and Chichewa is the national language of Malawi. The other languages spoken by the people of Malawi are Chinyanja, Chiyao, Chitumbuka, Chisena, Chilomwe and others. This information about Malawi helps the travelers planning to visit Malawi.

  • The literacy rate of the country is 62.7% and people above 15years are able to read and write.

  • The national holiday of the country is on 6th July. ( Independence day of Malawi) In a nutshell, these are the most important facts about Malawi

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