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Kicevo is one of the popular Macedonia destinations. The small town of Kicevo is located in the western side of the country. The distance of Kicevo from the capital city of Skopje is 100 km. From Ohrid, the town
is only 55 km away. Kicevo has an area of 49.14 sq km.

Tourists planning a to travel to Macedonia can take time out to visit Kicevo. The town is situated in Skopje- Ohrid Road in Macedonia. The present name of the town has derived in the 7th century from Slavs of Macedonia. The name Kicevo later became the official name of the town.

Kicevo town was associated with the Byzantine heritage. It has been mentioned in the documents of Basil II, a Byzantine emperor. This town was also known as Kicavis in the ancient days. The other name of Kicevo in Macedonia during 13th to 14th century is Katin Grad, which means 'a city of Katina'.

The Liberation Forces of Macedonia, liberated Kicevo during the Second World War. Among the towns in Macedonia, Kicevo was the first one to get liberation. A number of ethnic groups reside in Kicevo in Macedonia. Certain social changes are noticed in their life patterns.


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