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The second largest city of Macedonia is Bitola. Located at an altitude that ranges between 580 and 660 meters in the south western region of Republic of Macedonia, the city was formerly known as Monastir.
In the Roman period, it was one of the most important agricultural area. Today it serves as an important industrial and commercial area. The two main business run here are that of trading and consultancy.

Bitola in Macedonia shares its boundary with Greece and in an important links between Central Europe, Aegean Sea and Adriatic Sea. Baba mountain overlooks the city of Bitola at Macedonia. The city is also an important educational hub of Macedonia. It consists of the second Macedonian university.

Tourist Attractions at Bitola
One must check out the architectural beauties created by some great artists at Bitola of Macedonia. Some of the must visit places known for their picturesque locales and building structures are listed below :
  • Orthodox Church at St Dimitrija
  • Saat Kula Clock Tower
  • Ajadr-kadi mosque
  • Ruins of Heraclea Lyncestis
Bitola at Macedonia has a very rich and diversified culture. Numerous cultural festivals are organized every year in various parts of the city. One such popular festival is Interfest Bitola which is organized every year on the Balkan Peninsula. It is a festival of cultural art and music. Other renowned festivals at Bitola are Serenada of Bitola, Nights of Heraclea and Small Monmarte of Bitola.