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Estonia Latvia Lithuania

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are three Baltic States, which were once a part of the Soviet Union. Sometime in the decade between 1940 and 1950 these three countries were included in the territory of Soviet Union. However, now these are three separate countries in the Baltic region in the European continent. All these three nations reflect the typical Baltic climate and topography.


Among the three Baltic Nations, Estonia Latvia Lithuania, the republic of Estonia is the most developed one. Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia. The city is now ruled by the Soviet Republic of Russia. Before that the city of Tallinn was under the reign of Denmark and Sweden too.


Latvia is located in the northeast Europe. The republican state shares its border with the countries, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia. Latvia lies in the eastern coastal region of the Baltic Sea. The typical Baltic climate can be observed in the country of Latvia.


The republic of Lithuania is located in the northern region of the European continent. The country shares its border with the Baltic Sea on its southeastern coastal side. The neighboring countries that lie in the border of Lithuania are Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia.

Hotels in Estonia

The Three Sisters Hotel, Hotel Telegraaf, and Hotel Schloessle are some of the best hotels in Estonia.

History and Culture

The culture and history of Estonia are as interesting as it gets. Find out more in this section.

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