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Kenya Africa Map

by Vishal Kumar

Kenya Africa Map illustrates the surrounding countries, 7 provinces' boundaries with their capitals, and the national capital.

Kenya Africa Map


View the accurate and latest Kenya political map on this page. Kenya is located in East Africa. The country attained independence from the United Kingdom on 12th December 1963. The legal system of Kenya is based on English and Kenyan common law, statutory law of Kenya, Islamic law, and tribal law. The president of Kenya is both chief of the state and head of the government.

Political Kenya Map
Kenya is an eastern African country, where English is the official language. The geographic coordinates of Kenya are 1º North latitude and 38º East longitude. The total area of Kenya is 582, 650 sq km. The population of the country as per the estimate of July 2007 was 36,913,721. In the political map of Kenya, the internal and international boundaries; province capitals, the national capital, and some of the major cities have been marked by using specific symbols.

Kenya Capital
The capital of Kenya is   Nairobi. Kenya’s capital is situated along the geographical coordinates 1° 16′ 60″ South latitude and 36° 49′ East longitude. Nairobi is located at an altitude of 5672 above sea level. The national capital of Kenya has been pointed out in the printable Kenya map by using a red square with a black outline. In the eastern African region, Nairobi has a maximum population. The city is also the center of culture and business. The city is served by Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Most of the media and news organizations in Kenya are located in Nairobi. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity to Nairobi are:

Nairobi Hill Westlands Nairobi West Nairobi Industrial Area
Upper Hill Chiromo Kilimani Estate Kileleshwa


Kenya Provinces

The provinces of Kenya have been marked in the printable map of Kenya by using various colors and the provincial boundaries are also indicated on the map by using a specific pattern of black lines.

Kenya has been divided into seven provinces for administrative purposes. The seven provinces marked on the Kenya political map are:

Coast Central North Eastern Eastern
Rift Valley Nyanza Western

Kenya Province Capitals

The capitals of the provinces of Kenya have been marked in the printable Kenya map by using white boxes. The capitals of the Kenya provinces as mentioned in the Kenya map are:

Mombasa Garissa Embu Nyeri
Nakuru Kakamega Kisumu

Kenya Cities

The cities of Kenya have been marked on the printable political map as black dots. Some of the major cities on the map of Kenya are:

Malindi Lamu garsen Magadi
Thika Eldoret Kericho Butere
Narok Mado Gashi Wajir Marsabit
Nanyuki Ramu Lodwar Lokichokio

Kenya Boundaries
The countries that border Kenya are Uganda on the western side, Somalia on the east, Ethiopia on the north, Sudan on the northwestern part, and Tanzania on the southern side. The Indian Ocean is in the eastern portion of the country and Lake Victoria lies in the west of Kenya. The international boundary of the country has been indicated in the   Kenya information map by black lines.

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Province Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Capital
Central 4,383,743 13,191 5,093 Nyeri
Coast 3,325,307 83,603 32,279 Mombasa
Eastern 5,665,123 159,891 61,734 Embu
Nairobi Area 3,138,369 684 264 Nairobi
North-Eastern 2,310,757 126,902 48,997 Garissa
Nyanza 5,442,711 16,162 6,240 Kisumu
Rift Valley 10,006,805 173,854 67,125 Nakuru
Western 4,334,282 8,361 3,228 Kakamega
8 divisions 38,610,097 582,648 224,960

Note  : – Population: 2009-04-15 census.

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