Georgetown Map

Facts About Georgetown
Area150 km2
Lat Long Coordinates6°48′N58°10′W
Time ZoneUTC-4
area Code231, 233, 225, 226, 227
LanguageEnglish, Guyanese Creole
Major ReligionChristian,Hindu and Muslim
Point of interestSt. George's Anglican Cathedral, Stabroek Market, Guyana museum, Demerara Harbour Bridge

About city
Georgetown is a friendly, warm and colorful city. It is the capital of Guyana in the Caribbean Sea and a major port. It originated as a small city which was the capital of the Demerara – Essequibo colony under the control of the Dutch. They laid down the grid pattern which still dominates the city. It came under British control in 1781 but was captured by the French in 1782 who named it La Nouvelle Ville, the town was restored to the Dutch in 1784 and renamed Stabroek. Finally, it again came under British control and on 29th April, 1812 and the name was changed back to Georgetown in honor of King George III. It officially became a city on 24th August, 1842. Today, the city covers an area of 20 square miles and it had an approximate population of 240,000.

The city of Georgetown is located on the northern coast of South America on the Atlantic Ocean. It lies on the eastern bank of the Demerara River estuary and is also sometimes called Demerara. The terrain is flat and the average elevation of the land actually hovers around -2mts. A sea wall has been constructed to keep the sea out and a network of canal is used to drain off the excess water. The city is surrounded by flat agricultural fields interrupted by swamps and marshy lands.

The city has a tropical climate with the average temperature rarely falling below 27°C. However, cool sea breezes are frequent. Humidity is high and there is no well defined dry season in the city. There are two distinct periods with heavy concentration of rainfall that last from December to January and from May to June.

How to reach (transport)
The best way to reach Georgetown is by air. The city is served by the Cheddi Jagan International airport located about 41 kms to the south of the city. Direct connections exist with other Caribbean airports and also with the USA. In addition, there is the Ogle aerodrome which caters to domestic flights and private charters. Minibuses ply to various destinations on road.

When to visit
It is very hot and humid almost throughout the year. The best time to visit Georgetown is in late February and March when it is somewhat drier and cooler.

Fair and Festivals
The culture of Georgetown, Guyana is highly diverse. The African heritage is clear in music and dance while the layout of the city and street names bear the mark of Dutch and British influence. There are strong elements of Hindu and Muslim cultures. The result is a delightful mixture which has given a unique character to the city. In other words, it is because this diversification in culture that festivals like Eid and Diwali are celebrated with equal joy and fervour. Some of the important festivals celebrated here are:
  • Eid al adha is celebrated at the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Muslim residents in Georgetown also celebrate Youman Nabi, which is the anniversary of birth and death of the prophet Muhammad.

  • Hindus celebrate Phagwah or festival of colors in March. They also celebrate Deepawali or Festival of lights with great enthusiasm.

  • Mashramani or the Carnival is a popular festival here. The celebrations are carried on all over Guyana but it starts with a huge launch parade at Georgetown. Float parades, costume competition, calypso music and dancing in the street are all part of the festivities which last for over 3 days. The event is celebrated from 23rd February, the day when Guyana became a republic.

Points of interest (places to see)
The beautiful colonial architecture and the bustling streets of the city provide Georgetown with a charm that is unique to it. Here are some attractions in the city:
  • St. George’s cathedral is one of the most beautiful structures in the city and was the tallest wooden building in the world till 2003.

  • The Starbroek market is a major attraction. It almost extends over the river and you can find unique mementoes here.

  • The Botanical and Zoological Garden of Georgetown Guyana is laid out in the structure of a Victorian garden. The tree lined avenues, manatees in the ponds and the huge Victoria Lilies which are the national flower are well worth a visit.

  • The National museum of Guyana provides an interesting glimpse in the history and heritage of the country.

  • The Walter Roth museum of anthropology documents the Amerindian heritage of Guyana.

  • There are several heritage sites like the Parliament house, City hall and the Victorian law courts. Wooden buildings and colonial architecture along the Main Street are important sights of Georgetown Guyana.

  • The Splashmins Fun Park and resort is a new attraction comprising of water park and eco walks located outside the city.

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