Quito, Capital Of Ecuador

The national Capital of Ecuador is Quito which was the first town to be discovered by the Spaniards in 1934. Quito has a rich cultural background and is known as the "cultural heritage site" of the world.

Geographical Location of Quito

The Capital of Ecuador is located in the south of Equator at an altitude of 285m. Quito lies on the northern part of Ecuador in the Guayllabamba basin which is situated in the eastern base of base of the Pichincha Volcano. Quito is an earthquake prone city, the reason being its geographical location. The whole of Quito is divided into three separate parts by mountains.

History of Quito

Being the Capital of Ecuador, Quito has passed through a rich history that really brings out the essence of this city. From the very early days of its existence, Quito has been an important "centre of power". It has been inhabited by a number of important races and tribes the most important among them being the Quitus. The very first rulers of Quito were the Incas. Quito was built from the leftover ruins of Inca capital. After Ecuador gains its official independence, Quito was announced to be the official Capital of Ecuador in 1832.

Quito, Capital of Ecuador is the second largest city of Ecuador and is also the second highest capital in the world.

Last Updated : August 4th, 2018