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Ecuador Weather

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Ecuador Weather is varied and differs from one region to another, since Ecuador can be divided into four separate geographical regions. Ecuador Weather patterns are different in each of them. In general Ecuador Weather has 2 main seasons, which are wet and dry.

Types of Ecuador Weather:

Ecuador Weather in Costa:

  • The coastal regions of Ecuador experiences an average temperature of 25°C .
  • Winter extends from December to May, but it is not cold but quite humid and hot.
  • The remaining times of the year remain very pleasant and warm.
  • The local patterns in weather vary immensely in a country with such geographical diversions.
  • These coastal regions are influenced considerably by ocean currents.

Ecuador Weather in Sierra:

  • The weather conditions of Andes change according to the heights.
  • It gets colder at high altitudes.
  • The temperature remains 15°C at an average.
  • One experiences dry weather from June to September and during Christmas.

Ecuador Weather in Oriente:

  • The Amazonian region remain very hot and humid in general.
  • The temperature is 26°C at an average.
  • It is a combination of heat and rain, that characterizes the weather of this region.

Ecuador Weather in Galapagos:

  • The Galapagos Islands experience pleasant, warm and dry weather conditions.
  • The average annual temperature remains 28°C.

The main trait of Ecuador Weather is the fact that it cannot be predicted. It is not very uncommon for people to experience various kinds of seasons in one day.

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