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Liberec Region

Liberec Region is a notable place located in Czech Republic. The region of Liberec has an ancient heritage and is placed on the north of Bohemia. There are mainly four districts in the Liberec Region of Czech Republic.
Semily, Jablonec nad Nisou, ?eska Lipa and Liberec are the districts of the place.

Textile, plastic, glass, and machinery industries employ a large number of the local inhabitants of Liberec Region. As a steadily developing location of the Czech Republic, Liberec Region is both economically and culturally enriched. Jablonec nad Nisou and Turnov are the two main locations of Liberec Region.

There are a number of educational institutions in Liberec Region that offer quality learning skills. The technical university located in the Liberec Region imparts advanced level education to all the future aspirants. From the cultural viewpoint Liberec Region is a popular place. The chateaux, galleries, castles, theaters and cinemas of Liberec Region represent a wide array of culturally rich events to the tourists and the local people.

People coming to explore the natural beauty of Liberec Region often visit the Krkonose and Jizera hills where they can also avail of the biking and hiking sports options. Then there are spas in Liberec Region all of which efficiently offer healing services. Winter sports and cycling are the other prime attractions of Liberec Region.

Signifying the ideal spirit of Czech Republic Liberec Region stands tall with all its treasures.