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Regions of Czech Republic

The country of Czech Republic aims at maintaining a very systematic and proper administration. Keeping this objective in mind, the country has been divided into some regions. These regions are known as Regions of Czech Republic and
there are a total number of thirteen such regions in the country of Czech Republic, along with the Capital City of Prague.

This administrative decision was implemented in 2000, the beginning of the new millennium. The regions are known as kraje. Every region has individual Regional Assembly, which are called krajske zastupitelstvo. These are elected bodies that have a president. The post of the president is known as the Hejtman.

In the Capital City of Prague, the administrative powers are executed by the city council and to lead the council, there is the mayor of Prague.

The earlier 76 districts or the okresy and the three cities that are known as the 'statutory cities' were broken up in an administrative reform in the year 1999. These districts and cities remain as territorial division and also act as the seats of the different stems of the state administration.