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Jicin is a district town in the Czech Republic with a total population of 17000. It is located 90 km to the northeastern part of Prague. Some of the places that are very popular among tourists are:
  • Prachov Rocks is one of the most fascinating sights in the area. It is spread across 187 hectares of land where there are 200 large rock towers.

  • Regional Museum and Art Gallery reflects on the history of Jicin through its exhibitions.

  • Valdstejn Chateau was very badly damaged in 1620, with the explosion in the store of gunpowder. It was revived by the initiative of Albrecht of Valdstejn.
  • Valdice Tower Gate is a huge gate 52 meters high and has 156 steps leading to the top. It is one of three fortified gates in Jicin that has been conserved.
Another landmark of the city is the hill of Zebin with the church of St. Mary Magdalene, which lies on the opposite end of the town. The annual festival of "Jicin, Town of Fairytales" attracts huge number of tourists from various places. Jicin and its surroundings are an ideal destination for people who love sports. The town offers limitless opportunities to tourists throughout the year. The sports complex and Aqua-center of the town offers numerous opportunities to the tourists to indulge in various sports.