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Kadan is a division under the Usti nad Labem Region. Being located on the north-west corner of Czech Republic, Kadan is an economically sufficient and historically enriching town. The early records of Kadan associate its emergence in 1259.
It was only in 1277 that the Burgrave Empire established its rule in the castle of Kadan.

From the commercial and industrial viewpoint, Kadan was a thriving land of brown coal mining. Also the glove manufacturing units emerged in Kadan in the latter parts of the 18th century. It is believed that Charles IV took keen interest in this historical city of Czech Republic and begun his dominion in the place. It was only during the ruling periods of this king that Kadan experienced major phases of development.

At present Kadan received large number of tourists from various corners of Europe and other continents. Hotel accommodations are available in Kadan that efficiently serves the demands of the tourists. Also, the place of Kadan is well-linked to all other adjoining places.

People visiting Kadan frequent to places like the religious edifices, Burgher forts and other historic structures that bears the majestic imprints of the bygone era.

Kadan is undoubtedly a must-visit location of Czech Republic.