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A part of the Pardubice Region, the town of Chrudim is reputed to be one of the oldest sites of settlement of the Slavs.
The written history of the region begins in the 10th century when the ruler Boleslav II decided that one-tenth of the court and market fines will be extracted from the town of Chrudim and be granted to the Benedictine monastery in Brevnov. The date on which the castle of the region was constructed is disputed. However, it is believed that the castle was built before the death of the ruler Bretislav I who breathed his last in the castle itself.

It was in the 13th century when the Premyslid King Otakar II declared Chrudim as the Royal City. Along with the new fortress, the city enjoyed the facilities of free markets, self governance and a boom in the trade and commerce of the region.

Some of the tourist destinations in the region of Chrudim are listed below:
  • St. Catherine's Church
  • The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary
  • St. Joseph's Church
  • The Dominican Monastery
  • The Old City Hall
  • The Mydlar House
  • The New City House
  • The County Museum
The castle in Chrudim has been ceremoniously decorated and though presently in ruins, the castle is one of the chief tourist destinations in the city.