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Full name Union of Myanmar
Capital City Yangon
Language Burmese, Karen, Shan, Kachin
Currency Kyat
Religion Theravada Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Animist
National Anthem "Gba Majay Bma". It can be interpreted as "We Shall Love Burma".
Newspaper Myanmar News, Myanmar Times, The New Light of Myanmar, Kyehmon, Kyehmon, Myanmar Alin etc.
Places to Visit Mandalay, Yangon (Rangoon), Kyaiktiyo (Golden Rock), Mandalay, Mingun and many more attractive tourist spots are there in the country.
Transport Airways: frequent flights are available between capital cities.
Shopping Beautiful sculptures, bronze works, lathe works, stone works, pottery works etc can be found in cheap price in this country.

Introduction To Myanmar : 
Myanmar is officially known as the Union of Myanmar. Earlier it was known as Burma. Then it regained its independence on 4th January in 1948 from the ule of UK. From that time Burma was renamed as the "Union of Burma".

Physical Map Of Myanmar : 
Myanmar has been declared as the largest country in the southern region of Asia. Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea have formed a large coastal region in the couth of the country. On the other hand the Hengduan Shan Mountain ranges lie in the borderline between Myanmar and China. The highest elevation of the country is claimed by the peak Hkakabo Razi that rises almost 5,881 meters above the sea level. The three mountain chains that lie inside the territory of Myanmar are Rakhine Yoma, Bago Yoma, and Shan Plateau. There are also three rivers namely Ayeyarwady, Thanlwin, and Sittang.

Location Of Myanmar : 
Union of Myanmar is located in the Southeastern region of Asia. The bordering countries are People's Republic of China on the northern side, Thailand on the southeastern side, Laos on the eastern region, Bangladesh on the western side and India on the northwestern region. On the south of Myanmar, flow the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

Flag Of Myanmar
The Flag of the Union of Myanmar is rectangular shaped and it contains three colors i.e. red, blue and white. The base color of the flag is red and it has blue rectangle, featured in the upper corner of the hoist side. The blue part of the flag has 14 stars, colored in white. These stars surround a cogwheel and a stem of rice. All these stars are symbols of seven states and their seven administrative sections.

Climate Of Myanmar : 
To describe the climate of Myanmar in one word, it would be Tropical. The weather during the summer months remains wet and warm along with cloudy sky. The summer season also faces heavy rainfalls. The summer exists primarily during the months between June and September. On the other hand the winter months are characterized by comparatively mild weather and light downpour. Winter stays during the months between December and April.

Flora And Fauna Of Myanmar : 
  • Flora : The vegetation of Myanmar is really rich and it has many varieties. Unique species of plants like Teak and so on grow in large amount in the forests of Myanmar. However it grows primarily in the mountainous part of the country. Besides that, bamboo, palm and the salty coastal marshes also grow in the coastal regions. You will also find some species towards the Shan Highlands.

  • Fauna : Like the flora of Myanmar, the fauna is also diverse. Various species of monkeys, elephants, leopards, tigers, wild dogs and so on can be found in the country. On the coastal region of the country you can also find varieties of fishes.

People Of Myanmar : 
The total population of the country is almost 47,382,633. The major part of this huge population is covered by the Burmese people. The other minorities of the country include the Shan, Rakhine, Chinese, Karen, Mon, Indian and some other races. The official language of the country is Burmese. However Karen, Shan, Kachin etc are also widely spoken in Myanmar.

Art, Culture And Music Of Myanmar
  • Art : Various art forms are practiced in the different regions of the union of Myanmar. Some of these are art of sculpturing, bronze works, lathe designing works, stone works, painting and so on. Besides these Pottery, Mosaic, Tapestry, Lapidary and various other art forms are also very popular in this country.

  • Culture : In the presence of the various ethnicities, Myanmar has grown a diverse and rich cultural atmosphere. Influence of different tribes, races and religions can be perceived in the tradition of Myanmar. Some festivals of the country are Kachin Manaw Festival, Htamane (Sticky Rice) Festival, Shwedagon Pagoda Festival, Kason Watering Festival etc.

  • Music : Music is also appreciated very much in Myanmar. Music of the country has got some external influences in it such as Chinese music, Indian music, Thai music etc. however the music is melodious. Some the musical instruments are pat waing, kyi waing, pattala etc.

Economy Of Myanmar : 
Myanmar is a very poor country. The economy of the country is partially dependent on its agriculture and also on its export trade. The agricultural products of the country are groundnuts, sugarcane, rice, beans, pulses, sesame and so on. The fast growing industries of Myanmar are textile industry, copper industry, iron industry, cement industry, wood products industry etc. a huge amount of the country's revenue is earned by the export business. The export commodities are gas, wood products, clothing, pulses, fish, beans, rice etc. The nations with which Myanmar runs this export trade are Thailand, China, India and Japan.