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Full name Kingdom of Morocco
Capital City Rabat
Language Arabic
Currency Moroccan Dirham
Religion Muslim, Christian, Jewish
National Anthem "Hymne Cherifien". The first line is "Manbit Allahrah
Newspaper Al Ahdath Al Maghribia, Al Alam, Assabah, Bayan Al Yaoume, Le Matin, Liberation
Places to Visit Fès, Marrakesh, Rabat, Aít Benhaddou, Djemaa el-Fna, Fés el-Bali, Hassan II Mosque, Volubilis and many mopre places are there in Morocco that you can visit.
Transport Airways: frequent flights between Casablanca, Tangier, Agadir and Marrakesh in the counrty. Roadways: frequent cars are also available between various places.
Shopping Carpet works, jewelry works, ceramics, calligraphy sculpture, clothing, painting, carving works etc are found in a cheap price.

Morocco is a constitutional monarchy. Morocco is not a member of the African Union and in this regard, it is the only one.

On the other hand Morocco is an Arab League member.
Morocco Map
It also has membership of the Arab Maghreb Union, Organization of the Islamic Conference, Mediterranean Dialogue group, and Group of 77. Another important fact is that Morocco is an important ally of the USA, even though it not a member of the NATO.

Morocco Location Map
Location Of Morocco
Morocco is located in the northern region of the African continent. The neighboring countries are Algeria in the eastern zone, Mediterranean Sea and Spain. in the northern zone and in the western zone there lies the Atlantic Ocean. The exact location of Morocco can be said to be the junction of the Western part of Sahara and Spain.

Physical Map Of Morocco
Kingdom of Morocco ranks fifty-seventh in the whole world, regarding size. It is a hugely populated country in the northern Africa. Morocco is partially a mountainous country. Some portions of the country are covered by mountain and some are covered by desert. The Rif Mountains cover the northwest and northeast area of the country.On the other hand the Atlas Mountain ranges cover the southwest and the southeast region of the country. The southeastern region of Morocco lies in the Sahara desert. This region of the country has a very little population. The area is also not very developed. The highest point of the country is the Jebel Toubkal peak that rises almost 4,165 meter above the sea level. On the other hand the Sebkha Tah claims to be the lowest point of the country. It goes down up to 55 meters below the sea.

Morocco Flag
Flag Of Morocco
The flag of morocco is rectangular in shape and contains three colors in it. The entire flag is colored in red and a green colored pentacle is also featured in the middle of the flag. The pentacle is a five- pointed star. This pentacle is better known as Solomon's seal or Sulayman's seal. The two colors, red and green are Arabian traditional colors that are also used in the Arab flag. The green pentacle in the middle is bordered in black.

Climate Of Morocco
Before you visit a country you must gather some information on the climate of the country. Then you can have an idea and decide your time to visit the place. Morocco's climate can be termed as Mediterranean, especially in the mountainous regions. During the months between June and September, the weather remains warm and wet with a very little amount of rainfall. So this period is the best time to visit this country. The temperature usually remains 20°C during this time. During the periods of March to June and September to December are also very pleasing. Some of the mountain peaks remain covered with snow during the months between November and June.

Flora And Fauna Of Morocco
  • Flora: The vegetation of the Kingdom of Morocco is very rich with various unique species of plants. The Atlantic coastal climate is favorable for great vegetation. Cork oak is a largely found plant in this country. Except this, you will also find rich evergreen oak, cedar, and pine forests and various other trees in the mountainous region of the country. Some other unique species of shrubs, jujube trees, mastic, poplars, willows, and tamarisks can be found in the steppe region and the wadis region of the country. Besides these the olive tree and the oil-yielding argan tree are also found in large numbers in Morocco.
  • Fauna: On the other hand, the animal kingdom of the country is not very rich like the flora. It is true that lions are gradually being extinct from the country. However various other species such as panthers, jackals, foxes, gazelles and so on are found in the various parts of the country. In the water bodies of Morocco, you can find sardines, anchovies, and tuna in large number.
People Of Morocco
Kingdom of Morocco is home to almost 33,241,259 people. Various ethnic groups have gathered together in this country. The race Arab-Berber rules as the majority of this huge population. The other minorities are Jewish and some other tribes and castes. Arabic is the official language in this country. However other languages such as Tamazight, Spanish; Castilian, French etc are spoken widely in the various corners of the country.

Art, Culture And Music Of Morocco
  • Art: Moroccan art is very rich and diverse. The carpet works, jewelry works, ceramics, calligraphy sculpture, clothing, painting and carving works are the various forms of art in this country. In different regions of the country these artifacts are practiced widely.
  • Culture: Morocco has developed a very rich culture in the presence of various ethnic groups. Different tribes and races such as Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Jews, Arabs and Romans, Vandals, Moors and various others reside in this country from the prehistoric era. So it is evident that all these races have left their influence in the Moroccan tradition. Not only the races, but the different religions like paganism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam have also existed in this country for a long time. So morocco has also accepted various religious rituals and customs from these religions.
  • Music: Like the diversity in culture, the music of Morocco is also diverse and very rich. Moroccan music is primarily dominated by the Arabian music. However it also bears some influences of Andalusian and some other foreign regions. Andalusian is a classical form of music.In various parts of Africa, this musical form is a common practice. This Andalusian music originated from the Moors in Cordoba in the prehistoric age.

    Rock music and trance music have become very popular in this country. "Chaabi" is a very popular musical band of Rock music in Morocco. The trance music originally came from the Muslim music. Another form of music Ziryab is also very popular in this country. This music was originated from the Persian music. The Berber folk music also practiced throughout the country.
Economy Of Morocco
The natural resources of Morocco are phosphates, manganese, lead, iron ore, zinc, salt etc. Moroccan economy is highly dependent on its agricultural products. Some of these are wheat, citrus, barley, olives, wine, vegetables, livestock and so on. The industries that are growing very fast in this country are food processing industry, phosphate rock mining and processing industry, leather goods industry, textiles industry, construction industry and tourism industry etc. The materials that are exported to the foreign nations are fish, crude minerals, inorganic chemicals, clothing, petroleum products, transistors, fertilizers, fruits, and vegetables. The primary nations that take part in this export trade with Morocco are France, Spain, Italy, UK and to some extent India.

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