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Full name: Principality of Monaco
Capital City: Monaco-Ville
Language: French, Monegasque, Italian, English
Currency: Euro
Religion: Roman Catholic
National Anthem: "Hymne Monégasque". The first line of the national anthem is "Principauté Monaco, ma patrie" that can be translated as "Principality of Monaco, my fatherland".
Newspaper: Il Corriere di Monaco, Journal de Monaco, Monaco Times, Monaco Zeitung etc.
Places to Visit: Monaco Ville, Monte Carlo, Jardin Exotique, Musée Océanographique, Palais du Prince etc are some of the tourist attractions in this country.
Transport: Airways: HeliAir Monaco; Roadways: frequent buses are available between the capital cities; Railways: frequent trains between various places are there.
Shopping: Beauty-care products or cosmetics, metal crafts, ceramics or glass works, plastic works and some local handicrafts can be found in monaco ina very cheap price.

Introduction To Monaco
Phocaean Greek colony of Marseille had some influence on the naming of Monaco. The word "monaco" came from the original word "Monoikos". I meant Ligurians during the 6th century BC in Phocaean Greek colony.

In this country you will find various interesting things to do. Many tourist attractions are also there. So enjoy your trip to Monaco.

Monaco Map
In Monaco you must visit the casino, where you will get to see a theater and watch the Monte Carlo Opera. Besides that, a palace built during the 16th-century is also carrying great historical significance. Then again the 19th-century cathedral and the oceanographic museum, are also worth visiting.

Monaco Location Map

Location Of Monaco
The Principality of Monaco is located in the western region of the European continent. Monaco at he same time is a constitutional monarchy and also a city-state. It is situated in the junction of Mediterranean Sea and France. Monaco is also located very close to the border of Italy. There are total five microstates in Europe. Monaco is one of those.

Physical Map Of Monaco
Regarding size Monaco ranks second to the Vatican City. Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Région of France surrounds the Principality of Monaco from the three sides. The country of Monaco is a slim strip of land skirting both the Mediterranean Sea and the base of the Alps. The highest altitude of the country is the Mont Agel. It rises almost 140 meter above the sea level. On the other hand the lowest point is the Mediterranean Sea itself.

Monaco Flag

Flag Of Monaco
The flag of Monaco is very simple and strait. The flag contains total two colors. These are red and white. There are two horizontal blocks in the flag. These bands are of same size. The upper band is colored in red and the lower one is white. This flag has some similarities with that of Indonesia. However the flag Indonesia is a little bigger in length than this one. On the other hand, the Monaco flag also resembles to some extent with the flag of Poland. However, in the flag of Poland the upper sections is white and the lowers section is red.

Climate Of Monaco
Whenever you visit a country, you must gather some basic information about the weather condition of the country. Throughout the year he weather remains pleasant in Monaco. He whole day you can enjoy sunshine. That does not mean scotching hot, but a mild temperature. Then again at night, a cool wind blows above the sea and cools the weather all over the country. During the summer months the temperature remains almost 21°C. the months of July and August are the hottest months in the year. The maximum temperature sometimes reach 26°C. Throughout the autumn season the weather remains mild and the average temperature remains between 15 and 21°C. December and January are the winter months.

Flora And Fauna Of Monaco
The natural habitation highly depends on the climactic conditions of the nation. Monaco is located in the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. So the sea-climate influences the vegetation as well as the animal kingdom of the country. Monaco has rich vegetation with various species of plants in the forests of the different regions. Some Mediterranean plants such as aloes, palms, tamarisks, mimosas, carobs etc can be found in this country. Some unique species of shrubs and varieties of flowers also grow in huge quantity in Monaco. Except that some species of animals are also found in the forests and various other locations of the country.

History of Monaco

Monaco history reveals that following its status as an independent state for a time span of as many as 800 years, Monaco was captured by France in1793. In the year 1815 Monaco came under Sardinia. Later came the Franco- Monegasque treaty in 1861 by which Monaco though enjoyed an independent status came under French control. Another treaty was entered upon in 1918 which had within it a condition that in the occasion of the end of the male Grimaldi dynasty, Monaco would earn for itself autonomy but would continue to be under the protection of France. In the year 1993 Monaco became a member of the United Nations. The year 2002 saw further changes being made in the constitution in order to make sure that the Grimaldi's continue to hold the throne even if Crown Prince Albert had no heir.

Art, Culture And Music Of Monaco
•  Art : In Monaco, various forms of arts and crafts are practiced in different regions of the country. Ceramic works and clay works are very much popular. Besides that handcrafted metal works are also very popular in Monaco. Some local handicrafts also exist in the various regions of the country.

•  Culture : Since there are various ethnicities in the Principality of Monaco, the country has developed a rich and diverse culture. However France and Italy have left a deep impact on the cultural aspects of the country. Even this impact can also be seen in the food habits of the Monaco people. Various festivals of the different regions have also been accepted in the tradition of Monaco.

•  Music: Grimaldi family left a deep impact on the music of Monaco.

Food in Monaco

The popular recipes that are found to exist in Monaco have in them French and Italian influence. Monaco food habit of the people therefore has high cultural influence. Proximity to the sea has led to the popularity of sea food in Monaco. Fish forms an important part of the diet of the Monaco people, and feature prominently in Monaco recipes. As such, restaurants in Monaco are found to serve some of the very popular dishes comprising fish. Some of the specialties that are found in Monaco are :
  • Fougasse which is a type of pastry that is decorated with almonds and nuts.
  • Stocafi is a sauce cooked cod.
  • Socca is a pancake.
  • Barbagiuan is also a special pastry that has a filling of pumpkin and rice.

In fact during the period when Monaco was under the rule of this family, the music of the country got influenced by this genre. An award called Prince Rainier III Prize was also introduced in this country during the rule of Prince Rainier III. This award is primarily for the Monegasque musicians.

Music is also practiced among the young generation of the country. There are various musical organizations for children in Monaco. Some of these are The Little Singers, Palatine Chapel's Chapel Master, Philippe Deba etc. Orchestra is another very popular musical form in Monaco. Some famous orchestra musicians are Igor Markevitch, Lovro von Matacic, Paul Paray, Lawrence Foster, Gianluigi Gelmetti and Louis Fremaux.

Economy Of Monaco
The country Monaco is basically dependent on tourism industry regarding its economy. The climate of the country is very soothing and tourists are attracted towards this. The casino is also another reason for the tourists to visit this country. The small industries that are growing very fast are construction industry, some other small-scale industries and consumer products industry etc. the primary export commodities of the country are pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals, ceramics and clay works, metal works, plastics, textiles, some instruments and some other materials.